Ranked among the top 50 engineering schools worldwide, Waterloo Engineering is committed to leading engineering education and research.

We are the largest engineering school in Canada, with almost 10,500 students enrolled in 2019. In 2018/19, external research funding from Canadian and international partners exceeded $96 million, a strong indication of our extensive industry partnerships and the excellence of our engineering research programs.

  1. May 29, 2020Lecturer argues COVID lessons apply to climate fight

    Waterloo Engineering lecturer Nadine Ibrahim posed a compelling question in a recent opinion piece: can we use lessons learned during the COVID-19 crisis to also set our resolve to tackle climate change?

    Ibrahim, who holds the Turkstra Chair in Urban Engineering, argues that the structural and behavioural changes forced by the global pandemic could pave the way towards a truly sustainable - and still prosperous - way of life.

  2. May 28, 2020Editorial highlights the lasting impact of founding dean

    A glowing editorial published today in The Waterloo Region Record highlights the far-reaching mark made by Douglas Wright, the founding dean of Waterloo Engineering.

    Wright, who died last week at the age of 92, went on to serve as the third president and vice-chancellor of the University of Waterloo as it grew into a world-class institution of higher learning and research.

    The editorial argues Waterloo Region would be a far different, far poorer place, had it not been for Wright's vision and determination to help bring academia and industry together.

  3. May 27, 2020Professor honoured with best paper award

    Tarek Hegazi, a civil and environmental engineering professor, has won an award from the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) for a paper published in the CSCE journal.

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  1. May 11 to June 30, 2020ELECTIONS
    Society Executive team

    Do you want to be involved in the future of the society? Run to be a member of the next B-Society Executive team! Nominate yourself.

    President (May 11-13)

    Represents Engineering students to faculty and university and guide the vision of the Engineering Society

    VP Academic (May 15-22)  

    Provides academic, co-op and mental health supports and advocates on student issues

    VP Finance (May 22-25)

    Oversee the society operations, budgets and spaces (Novelties, POETS, RidgidWare)

  2. May 11 to June 20, 2020Patch Design Contest

    Welcome to S20 Patch Design Contest! Here you can submit designs for patches that you want to see sold in Novelties. Submissions will be voted on and the winning design will be produced and sold in future terms!

    • Submissions: May 11 - June 80
    • Voting: June 10 - June 20
  3. May 15 to Aug. 14, 2020EngSoc Scavenger Hunt
    Engineers outside

    EngSoc Scavenger Hunt is a term long event where students find items or participate in events to collect points. It's a chance for people to get involved in the Engineering community and school-wide events. Just like the name would suggest, we are sending you on a gigantic scavenger hunt! Check out the list of items and instructions.


    There are only 5 purple hard hats available! Prize will go to:

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