Canada's Largest Engineering School

Ranked among the top 50 engineering schools worldwide, Waterloo Engineering is committed to leading engineering education and research.

We are the largest engineering school in Canada, with over 10,500 students enrolled in 2020. In 2019/20, external research funding from Canadian and international partners exceeded $86.8 million, a strong indication of our extensive industry partnerships and the excellence of our engineering research programs.


  1. May 19, 2022Varma family donation backs robotics professorship

    Six decades after travelling halfway around the world to take a chance on a new university in Canada, a proud alumnus of Waterloo Engineering is helping it grow in a way he would never have imagined possible.

    Nityanand Varma was the proverbial immigrant with eight dollars in his pocket when he left his native India in the early 1960s to do a master’s degree in civil engineering at the University of Waterloo.

  2. May 18, 2022Professors named University Research Chairs

    Evelyn Yim and Aiping Yu, both chemical engineering professors, have been designated University of Waterloo Research Chairs along with seven other professors across the campus.

    Yim, who joined Waterloo Engineering in 2016, is an expert in nanofabrication technologies and is one of the leading researchers studying the use of synthetic materials for altering stem cell behavior and differentiation of stem cell culture.

  3. May 16, 2022AI models identify COVID-19 patients at greatest risk

    New artificial intelligence (AI) models developed by researchers at Waterloo Engineering can help doctors prioritize care by predicting which COVID-19 patients are most at risk of dying or developing kidney injuries during hospitalization.

    The sophisticated computer software identifies vulnerable patients by learning from previous COVID-19 patient cases with known clinical outcomes.

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  1. May 7 to Aug. 7, 2022Waterloo Architecture at Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery
    Art by Architecture students

    Material Syntax: 3D Printed Masonry Facade Systems

    Waterloo School of Architecture student projects that test how building facades of the future can be 3D printed with clay are on display at the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery in Waterloo from May 7th to August 7th, 2022.

  2. May 30 to June 17, 2022Climate Change and Water Security in Urbanized Watersheds Summer School
    summer school image skyline

  3. June 4, 2022Waterloo Engineering Class Reunion 2022
    Bus push

    The Waterloo Engineering alumni class reunion in 2022 is taking place on June 4, 2022 at Alumni Weekend. The engineering Classes of 1962, 1967, 1972, 1977, 1982, 1987, 1992, 1997, 2002, 2007, 2012 and 2017 are invited to campus to celebrate this milestone in their engineering career.

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