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David A. Clausi
519-888-4567 x47543
E7 7426
Associate Deans; Engineering Research Office→Administration
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E7 7424

Role and responsibilities:

The Administrative Assistant to the Associate Dean, Research and External Partnerships (ADR) is the front-line liaison for all internal and external contacts to the Engineering Research Office (ERO), and provides primary administrative and financial support to the ADR. The Administrative Assistant assists the ADR in growing research funding in the Faculty of Engineering, serving three vital functions in this capacity: 1) Supporting the preparation and submission of research funding applications; 2) Planning, coordination, and execution of outreach activities that connect engineering researchers with potential industry and government partners and promote engineering research; and 3) Developing and continuously updating tracking systems to monitor shared infrastructure across departments.

Contact for: 

  • General inquiries on the Engineering Research Office.
  • Coordinates the process of securing the ADR signature on research proposals (cover sheets) and sending them to the Office of Research.
  • Managing the Associate Dean, Research and External Partnership's calendar.
Engineering Research Office→Administration