Stefanie Bruinsma

Stefanie Bruinsma with Engineering tattoo on knuckles
519-888-4567 x40203
E7 7418

Role and responsibilities:

Identifies, interacts with and engages industry partners in engineering research programs. Serves as a conduit that can match and then meld industry need with academic capacity. Collaborates with faculty researchers, government funding agencies, university research centres and institutes, and various relevant university administration offices such as Co-op and Sedra Student Design Centre, etc. Coordinates government and industry tours specific to engagement opportunity discovery within the Faculty of Engineering.

Contact for:

  • Industry members (government, non-profit, SME, corporate, etc.) wanting to connect with the Faculty of Engineering.
  • Assistance with research expertise within the faculty including conduit connection with university centres and institutes.
  • Assistance with ways of engaging such as sponsorship and research models.
  • Inquiries about engagement models between research and industry.
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