Become a class representative for life


Four smiling students with sunglasses amidst a colour throw.

The Class Representative for Life will serve as the main contact for their class with their classmates and the Faculty of Engineering’s alumni affairs staff. 


Class Representative for Life will be able to keep their classmates engaged with the University of Waterloo through various ways such as:

  • Recommend classmates to speak or be involved at an event, reunion, class, or special occasion (such as a milestone anniversary of the Faculty or University).
  • Actively nominate classmates for the Alumni Achievement Medals.
  • Suggest classmates to become mentors or to be profiled in a publication when appropriate.
  • Class reps will have the opportunity to participate in current and future social media outlets and potentially act as social media ambassadors (eg. Recommend an event to classmates through Facebook, etc.)
  • Share new contact information of their classmates with Engineering Alumni Affairs so that they can stay engaged with their alma mater.
  • In addition, Class Reps themselves will stay actively engaged with their alma mater for a rewarding experience.


Engineering Alumni Affairs staff may occasionally ask for feedback from each class or a specific class which would be coordinated through the class rep. This may happen when there is a new program introduced or when a program change is being considered. Class Reps would then connect with classmates to get feedback. This would happen very occasionally, once or twice every 5 years.

Class Reps are invited to share any unsolicited feedback from their classmates with the staff at Engineering Alumni Affairs to improve the quality of current alumni programming and potentially suggest new relevant programs for alumni.


The alumni Class Rep for Life would serve in this volunteer position for life. This is not a termed position. However, if a volunteer is no longer able or interested in serving as the alumni Class Rep for Life for their class then the Faculty of Engineering alumni affairs staff and the Class Rep will work together to find a replacement. 

Review this position in more detail below and consider volunteering for your class!

To apply for this volunteer position, please contact the Alumni Officer or apply using our online form below. Once you commit to being a Class Rep for Life, the Alumni Officer will contact you with a package of the necessary resources.

Thank you for volunteering!