Bhattacharyya Capstone Design Award

Funded by Dilip and Manjusha Bhattacharyya


Student groups enrolled in the Faculty of Engineeringfourth-year Capstone Design project. The award will go to the Chemical Engineering project that, in the opinion of the judges, demonstrates an innovative and practical design solution to a problem, preferably made ready for immediate application, having large potential long-term benefit to society.


Dilip and Manjusha Bhattacharyya will provide one award valued at $3,000. The total award funds will be divided equally among the winning team members.

Selection process

  • Final selection will be made by a panel of faculty members of the Department of Chemical Engineering and the Chemical Engineering Capstone Coordinator.
  • The award will be announced at the end of the 4B term, after final report grading.  

About the donors

Established by Dilip and Manjusha Bhattacharyya, the Bhattacharyya Capstone Award in Chemical Engineering was established to foster innovative thinking and recognize the efforts of hard-working and talented Engineering students. Dilip Bhattacharyya is a proud Waterloo Engineering alumnus. He holds an MASC ’68 and a PhD ’73 from the Department of Chemical Engineering. 

Past Recipients

Design of History-Matching and Forecasting Analytical Tool for SAGD (2015)

​Ammonia Abatement During Start-up and Shutdown of a Urea Plant for CF Industries (2016)