Building a Better Normal: Conversations that Matter!

Let's Talk: Conversations that Change Organizational Culture! (3rd Tuesday of Every Month)

picture of light bulb with though bubbles connected to itChanging our conversations, changes our organization. Since the 1990’s, impactful conversations have been recognized as a powerful tool for organizational change. Ford (1999) said that organizations are “socially constructed realities in which the reality we know is interpreted, constructed, enacted, and maintained through discourse”. In essence, our conversations define us, and can keep us stuck. When we change not only the way we engage in conversations, but the conversations themselves, we can shift culture and change our organizations. To achieve this, we need to have conversations that matter.

Conversations that matter provide opportunities for open and respectful exploration of perspectives, ideas, concepts, lived experiences, and offer a variety of options participants might incorporate.  Conversations that matter are places of learning, reflecting, considering, and even opportunities to try-out different approaches in a supportive environment. The result is often an enriched and shared understanding that helps to move the organization forward and build a better normal.

Join us from 12:00 -12:30 pm on the 3rd Thursday of every month as we embrace some of the “big” topics that are impacting the Engineering community. Please feel free to bring your lunch. Snacks will be provided. Location E5-2004.


  • Monthly connect and chat
  • First 5-10 mins: The facilitator introduces the topic
  • Next 15-20 mins: Conversation that matters. We’ll use a small group (World Café-style) approach to explore ideas and share insights and perspectives.
  • Final 5 mins: Summarize, wrap up, consider ways we can weave the ideas into our day-to-day activities as we work towards building a better normal.

NOTE: Although we are meeting in person, we are still navigating pandemic conditions. Please take steps to ensure you are comfortable in the group environment. Your choices around masking and distancing are acknowledged and respected.

Trigger Warning

Having conversations matter means that sometimes we will wander into sensitive areas and discuss challenging topics with a high “cringe factor”. It is important that these conversations continue in a supportive and compassionate way that acknowledges a variety of perspectives. (We can agree to disagree). The goal of the conversations it to share experiences, explore idea, and increase understanding, rather than sway and convince. Support and resources will be available if you find yourself-unsettled by the conversation.

Upcoming Topics:

  • Sept 15th: Let’s Talk about Organizational Culture: Where we are and where we want to be?
  • Oct 20th: Let’s Talk about Workload: Invisible work and managing competing demands
  • Nov 17th: Let’s Talk About Psychological Support and Safety: What does it mean to be psychologically safe? 
  • Dec 15th: Let’s Talk about Tough Love: Does it help or harm?

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