From Burnout to Breakthrough Program

From Burnout to Breakthrough

Woman sitting at computer looking excited and happyThe Burnout to Breakthrough Program is based in neuroscience research and designed to help you overcome feelings of burnout, as well as bring more energy and ease back into your work. Each workshop focuses on different aspects of burnout, how life and work demands are impacting you, and provides tools and strategies to help build habits that help you rejuvenate.

The program runs from September 27th until the end of November (exact date to be determined). The From Burnout to Breakthrough Program consist of 7 sessions (4 recommended workshops and 2-3 optional, small group, laser coaching sessions) that build upon each other. The first workshop is 90 mins and the subsequent sessions are 60 mins.

Interested participants are encouraged to ensure they can attend all 4 recommended workshops before registering. The first workshop will be held in-person, the remaining sessions will be held virtually over Zoom. Participants are divided into smaller groups for the optional, small-group, laser coaching sessions.

Maximum 25 participants.

For additional information, please contact the Community Wellness Team.

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