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Off-campus study/work

University of Waterloo Travel - Policy 31

If you are planning to participate in any fieldwork activity related to your research you must familiarize yourself with the University of Waterloo’s policies and procedures on travel.

Field work refers to any activity undertaken by members of the University in any location external to UWaterloo campuses for the purpose of research, study, training or learning.

International Travel

Visit Waterloo International for more information about international travel and what you need to do to have your travel approved. 

Requirements before departure

These steps are mandatory for any student confirmed to participate in an international exchange/work placement/internship/research or other study abroad program affiliated with the university.

1. Contact Waterloo International

In order to be enrolled in the mandatory pre-departure training course in LEARN, Waterloo International will need to be informed of your travel, study and/or work plans. 

Please contact: Global Learning Coordinators at Waterloo International, for all international programs or travel plans

This course includes a quiz that you will be required to complete with a  score of 100% in order to pass the course. You have four attempts to complete the quiz.  

What happens if I can't get 100% on the quiz?

Contact Waterloo International if you do not pass the quiz after four attempts. 

2. Submit risk management paperwork

You are required to submit risk management forms to Waterloo International.

Please contact: Global Learning Coordinators at Waterloo International, to submit your risk management forms


In some cases a field work safety visit will also be required.