Degree Completion Deadlines

Degree Completion Deadlines

When you are preparing your thesis for degree completion, you may want to consider completion dates for each step and still graduate before the deadline that is important to you. This could be the convocation deadline, or the 100% and 50% refund deadlines. 

Students who do not follow these recommended deadlines may not have their thesis approved by the GSPA in time to meet the convocation or refund deadlines.  

Note: Even if you do follow the recommended degree completion deadlines, if your committee has major changes for you to complete, you may not meet these deadlines.

For assistance in determining thesis completion timelines outside of the convocation deadline, or the 100% and 50% refund deadlines please consult the Degree Completion/Defence Date Planner.

Thesis Completion Deadlines

A PDF copy of each of the below tables below is available for download (MASc and PhD).

Blackout Dates and Holidays

There is a blackout period for comprehensive examinations and defences in the last two weeks of each term. There will be no comprehensive examinations or PhD thesis defences during this period. UW Space final uploads are acceptable.

The blackout period is necessary and is supported by the Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs Office as a result of limited faculty member availability to attend and to chair examinations during this time period.

In exceptional cases where committee members and/or external examiners are available only during the blackout period and the examination is required to be completed by the end of the term, the supervisor must contact the Engineering Graduate Studies Coordinator - PhD. All requests to hold an examination during the blackout period must be approved by the Associate Dean of Engineering Graduate Studies before they can be scheduled.

Blackout dates count toward the 25 business day display period, holidays do not.

Spring 2018: Monday, August 20 - Friday, August 31

Fall 2018: Monday, December 10 - Friday December 21

Winter 2019: Monday, April 15 - Friday, April 26