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Information for supervisors regarding external examiners

The Guidelines for Supervisors [PDF] has information on the committee formation, initial contact with the external examiner, and the qualifications of an external examiner.

The complete CV of the proposed external examiner must be included in the Nomination of the Examining Committee form. This form is sent to the department’s Graduate Coordinator to be approved by the Associate Chair of Graduate Studies and the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies.

Once the external examiner and committee for the defence are approved, a package is sent to the external examiner containing a travel claim, honorarium form, and instructions on the reimbursement process. If the external examiner has any questions, he/she is encouraged to ask the Engineering Graduate Studies Office Coordinator – PhD. Basic guidelines for external examiners regarding travel and the external examiner’s report are available on the EGSO’s Information for external examiners page.

The external examiner is reimbursed for all travel expenses according to the guidelines of the University’s Travel Policy.

Depending on where the external examiner is situated, EGSO will reimburse expenses up to the following Canadian dollar amounts:

  1. In province: $750
  2. Out of province: $1250
  3. United States: $1500
  4. Overseas: $2000

If the total amount claimed exceeds the external examiner’s budget category, EGSO will contact the supervisor(s) as it will be the supervisor(s) responsibility to pay the exceeding amount.

EGSO will not reimburse expenses incurred by the supervisor(s) on the external examiner’s behalf. Hospitality expenses paid for by the supervisor(s) will have to be reimbursed through Concur using one of the supervisor(s) accounts.

Any questions regarding travel expenses and the reimbursement process should be directed to the Engineering Graduate Studies Office Coordinator – PhD.