The Math Readiness Assessment (MRA) can be done from a home computer with an internet connection. The assessment has a 90 minute limit for completion.

There are practice questions available within Möbius that will help you prepare. Biomedical, Software, and Systems Design Engineering students are not required to write the MRA.


The Math Readiness Assessment is delivered by the online assessment system Möbius. You do not need to have Möbius installed to use this system.

Login Instructions

Möbius is accessed via our online learning system "Learn".

Your login name is your campus email: where userid is your Quest userid.

Your login password: use your Quest password.

If your login is successful you will see a link "2019 Incoming Engineering Students Community". Click on it. On the Home Page of that course is a link to Möbius.


If you have any questions or experience technical or account problems, please contact the Instructional Support Group. Please include your full name, username, and student ID number.

Extra assistance available

The Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC) has prepared some outstanding online courseware that covers the equivalent of Ontario's Grade 12 Advanced Functions and Calculus and Vectors courses. The course ware provides complete lessons, worksheets that you can experiment with, hundreds of automated self-assessment exercises and thousands of written exercises, many with complete solutions. The courses are divided into units and the search tool makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

Frequently asked questions