Information for

Students: 1A in Fall 2011 or Later

Program Outline

You must complete five Professional Development (PD) courses as part of your degree: two core courses followed by three elective courses.

Two core courses are required:

  • PD20: Engineering Workplace Skills I: Developing Reasoned Conclusions
  • PD21: Engineering Workplace Skills II: Developing Effective Plans

Three electives are required, to be chosen from:

  • PD3: Communication
  • PD4: Teamwork
  • PD5: Project Management
  • PD6: Problem Solving
  • PD7: Conflict Resolution
  • PD8: Intercultural Skills
  • PD9: Ethical Decision Making
  • PD10: Professional Responsibility in Computing
  • PD11: Processes for Technical Report Writing
  • PD12: Reflection and Learning in the Workplace
  • PD22: Professionalism and Ethics in Engineering Practice

Please note that engineering students are also required to complete work term reports (WKRPT 200/1, 300/1, and 400/1). See below for more information.

What You Need To Do

  1. You will be automatically enrolled by the WatPD Department in PD20 for your first work term and PD21 for your second work term. If you have any questions, please contact WatPD with your full name and ID. 
  1. Once you have successfully completed PD20 and PD21, you will self-enrol in a PD elective through Quest during the enrolment period in the term preceding each work term until you have earned a total of five PD credits.

Work Term Reports

There are program-specific arrangements for submitting work term reports. Contact your program academic advisors for information on report requirements and submission dates.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding your WatPD-Engineering requirements, please contact us with your full name and ID.