While protocols are already in place to allow access to research laboratories in the Faculty of Engineering, we also recognize the need to accommodate our graduate students in non-laboratory spaces such as offices and student lounges. In providing such access we need to abide by the safety regulations, occupancy limits, and other building-specific restrictions of our diverse spaces.

As such, within the Faculty of Engineering, Departments have taken steps to manage graduate student access to non-lab spaces in their buildings.

The processes put in place by the Departments are based on a solid commitment to ensure the health and safety of the wider campus community. Our Departments are carefully monitoring building occupancy limits to ensure they are well within University health and safety guidelines.

Please note that all access is limited by time and building capacity so some Departments may give precedence to students whose academic progress would be adversely affected by working remotely.

The list of contacts for each Department within Engineering is given below. If you have an inquiry regarding access to student space please contact the appropriate person for your Department:

Chemical Engineering

Liz Bevan

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Amber Beaudoin

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Lisa Habel

Management Sciences

Louise Green

Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering

David Gorman

Systems Design Engineering

Colleen Richardson

Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business

Nina Ripley

School of Architecture

Emily Stafford

Once you are granted access to building(s), please be reminded that the following general rules apply, in addition to your department’s conditions:

  • Masks must be worn in hallways and all common areas
  • Physical distancing must be applied, providing a distance of at least two meters between individuals.
  • All on-campus activities must be conducted in accordance with applicable safety requirements and best practices.
  • All students must conduct self-screening for COVID-19 symptoms and record their presence via Campus Check-In each day that they attend campus.
  • Working Alone guidelines must be followed. In the case of office space, desk work would fall in to the low risk category, and thus a written plan is not required providing that the following guidelines are followed:
    • periodic check-in (using the online check-in/ out tool);
    • access to phone and security measures to protect against theft, property damage or personal injury due to intruder;
    • compliance with the University Police Personal Safety Guide.
    • a campus safety app is also available for download, which includes emergency tools, notifications, and tips for staying safe. Visit the WatSafe web page for more information.
  • The Health and Safety Guidance During COVID-19 document must be adhered to.
  • Completion of all hazard-specific and mandatory training including the new Returning to Campus Safely during COVID-19 (SO2036).

At all times, anyone on campus must follow Waterloo pandemic response protocols as well as guidelines from the Region of Waterloo Public Health and the Waterloo Safety Office, including for physical distancing.