Engineering Planning Committee

 Engineering Planning Committee (EPC) - Winter 2021

Name Title E-mail

Mary Wells

Dean (and Chair of EPC)

Paul Fieguth

Associate Dean, Policies and Resources / Interim Associate Dean, Outreach

David Clausi

Associate Dean, Research and External Partnerships

Christine Moresoli

Associate Dean, Co-operative Education and Professional Affairs

Siva Sivoththaman

Associate Dean, Graduate Studies

Carolyn MacGregor

Associate Dean, Teaching

Zhongchao Tan

Associate Dean, International

Anne Bordeleau

Director, School of Architecture

Mark Weber

Director, Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business

Marc Aucoin

Interim Chair, Chemical Engineering

Carl Haas

Chair, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Manoj Sachdev

Interim Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Qi-Ming He

Chair, Management Sciences

Michael Collins

Chair, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering

Lisa Aultman-Hall

Chair, Systems Design Engineering

Fred Zhu

Executive Officer

Donna Kellendonk

Faculty Administrative Officer

Jenn Coggan

Director of Planning

Karen Dubois

Manager, Facilities and Space

Nenone Donaldson

Director of Advancement

Hayley Hess

Faculty Services Manager

Tim Weber-Kraljevski

Faculty Services Manager