Distinguished International Visiting Scholar Program

Faculty of Engineering

Distinguished International Visiting Scholar Program


As part of a growing institutional push to strengthen our ties with globally prominent institutions, and to implement the university and faculty’s Internationalization on Campus strategy plan, the Faculty of Engineering is pleased to launch its Distinguished International Visiting Scholar Program, managed through the Engineering International Office.

The Faculty of Engineering (“the Faculty”)’s Distinguished International Visiting Scholar (“DIVS”) Program is funded by the Dean’s Office. Each year, up to 10 awards will awarded, with each valued at up to $3,000. Any additional funds, if required, and logistical/administrative support will be provided by the host Department/School.

Regular faculty members in Engineering Departments or Schools are invited to nominate distinguished international candidates for short-term visits throughout the year. Preference will be given to distinguished international faculty candidates whose scholarship and distinction will contribute to and enliven the Faculty’s scholarship.

Expectations from the Distinguished International Visiting Scholar

Faculty members who facilitate this award are required to ensure that the visiting scholar will undertake 2 or more of the following:

  • Present a guest lecture at one or more selected classes offered by the Faculty of Engineering
  • Speak at one or more specially arranged seminars to the members of the Faculty of Engineering
  • Cultivate research or academic partnership with faculty members, the host department and/or the Faculty of Engineering

Role of the host faculty member or department

The host faculty member and/or Department shall be responsible for logistics, and additional financial support if needed. These responsibilities might include:

  • Travel arrangements including tickets for travel, transportation and booking of accommodations
  • Arrangements for publicity/communications plan in conjunction with the Engineering International Office
  • Provision of office space or other work space as required with appropriate insurance coverage
  • Providing a brief report to the Faculty’s International Office on the accomplishment(s) or impact of the visit
  • Ensuring that all invitation paperwork, and immigration requirements have been met, as appropriate
  • Submission of an adequate budget justification to support the adjudication of applications and selection process
  • The host department will be responsible for the proper completion and submission of all required financial, and Payroll forms necessary for processing out-of-pocket expense reimbursements and/or honorarium payments


Nominations will be adjudicated by a committee chaired by the Associate Dean, International. The host faculty member or department should complete the nomination form (Appendix) and submit it together with the full Curriculum Vitae of the nominee, along with all other supporting documentation, to Annette Dietrich, Assistant to the Associate Dean, International, at adietric@uwaterloo.ca.

The candidate must be nominated by a full time, regular, tenured or tenure track, faculty member appointed to the Faculty of Engineering.


Regular faculty members / Chairs /Directors should only nominate Distinguished International Scholars who have established prominent international reputations in their fields, who are affiliated with prestigious institutions, and whose visits to the Faculty would foster collaboration and exchanges between the Faculty and the nominees’ home institutions.

Nominees should have/be:

  • a Ph.D. degree and evidence of outstanding scholarship
  • a full-time regular faculty member employed by a top university or prominent research institute. As a reference, QS ranking in Engineering and Technology, or the field of interest, should be within top 50.
  • an internationally prominent scholar with global impact in his/her field of research and education.


This is an open competition. Nominations will be accepted up to the end of February 28, 2020, and the Committee will review nominations  in March, 2020. A nominated distinguished international scholar may have his/her visit supported only once during the tenure of this program.


Distinguished International Visiting Scholar Awards are available for short-term visits, lasting from 5 business days up to 1 academic term in duration. Should the Award be cancelled, all remaining funds will be retained by the Dean’s Office.


Ten (10) Awards have been allocated for the period of April, 2020–March 2021. Eight of these awards will be valued at $3,000, and two valued at $5,000 for the most exceptional candidates as determined by the committee. The host faculty member and/or Department must provide extra funds to cover the difference in expenses, if necessary. Expenses will only be reimbursed by the Associate Dean International office once the candidate has arrived at the University of Waterloo.

Expenses should only be paid for the DIVS him/herself. The DIVS can be paid an honorarium payment of up to $500 CAD and/or for out-of-pocket travel expenses up to a combined total of the award amount granted. Payments to the DIVS can be made by submitting the appropriate form(s) through the host’s home department:

  1. UW Expense Claim Form for reimbursement of travel expenses, along with supporting receipts; and/or
  2. Foreign Fund Payment Request form in the case of an Honorarium

Completed expense forms can then be submitted to the Engineering International Office for approval of the amount committed under the DIVS program.


Within three months of the end of the visit, the Host must provide a one-page brief report addressed to the Associate Dean, International on the accomplishment or impact of the visit and email to engadi@uwaterloo.ca. All reports must be submitted before new applications will be considered.


8.1 Budget Justification

An adequate budget justification is required in each application. To avoid arbitrary decisions on the appropriate level of funding, detailed explanations of costs and matching funds should be provided.

8.2 Travel Expenses

The host Department should ensure the expenses are in compliance with Policy 31 – Travel https://uwaterloo.ca/secretariat/policies-procedures-guidelines/policy-31

8.3 Honorarium

Maximum amount of $500 CAD from the Award can be used for an honorarium.

8.4 Promotion

Publicity, printing and postage charges associated with the host Department’s publicity plan for the promotion of the Distinguished International Visiting Scholar’s visit are eligible. Whenever appropriate, numbers of units and unit costs should be explained. Quotes from suppliers should be provided for purchased services.

8.5 Ineligible Expenses (These are examples only. The approving committee will determine the relevance of items not listed.)

• Funds are not available for anyone who may be accompanying the DIVS

• Travel for other purposes

• Equipment of the host of DIVS

• Salaries

• Conference registration fees

8.6 Others

Detail any budget requirement that doesn’t fit the above categories and explain why the expense is imperative for the visit.

Travel Visas for an International Visiting Scholar are not the responsibility of the Faculty. Immigration questions that the Host may have should be directed to:

Frances Hannigan, Senior Immigration Consultant/Specialist, fhanniga@uwaterloo.ca

519-888-4567 ext.36332


Please contact:

Annette Dietrich

Assistant to the Associate Dean, International

Faculty of Engineering

Phone: 519-888-4567 ext. 41896

E-mail: adietric@uwaterloo.ca