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The Teaching and Learning Team is dedicated to supporting you through all the ups and downs of teaching and learning. By "learning", we are not only referring to the learning of our students, but also ourselves as instructors. Like so many other roles in our lives (researching, grant writing, parenting, etc.) being a great instructor is a process of constant refinement and (sometimes subtle) improvement. The old adage, about being "part science and part art" rings especially true for the field of teaching. The most successful instructors combine the science of teaching (formal training in pedagogy and instructional design) with high levels of self-awareness, and insights from past experiences. The ability to successfully translate these understandings to increase student learning and retention often contain a significant degree of "art". The Teaching and Learning Team would like to support you with both the art and science of teaching and learning by providing a variety of sessions, workshops, lunch and learns, and resources.

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Wellness session will restart in 2022.      

Previous Sessions

All sessions hosted by the Faculty of Engineering unless stated otherwise

  • Return to Campus: Back to where we were?
  • Stress buster: Virtual Campfire event
  • Stress buster: Guided visualization and relaxation
  • Stress buster: Meditative Doodling
  • Supporting Others (Parenting and Caregiving During COVID-19
  • Get Moving with Brain Breaks! 
  • Optimizing your Home Office Ergonomics
  • Coping with Grief and Cumulative Loss Session
  • Building Resilience in the Face of COVID-19*
  • Eye Strain and Visual Demands in a Work from Home Environment*
  • COVID-19: Calming Your Mind in Challenging Times*
  • Overcoming Burnout: Practical Tips to Manage Workplace Stress and Demands
  • How to Manage the “Unmanageable”: Building Our Resilience During Difficult Times
  • Understand That We’re Human Too!*
  • Sustainable Food Habits*
  • Beyond Stigma: Increasing Our Understanding of Mental Health in the Workplace*
  • Decoding Nutrition Claims and Nutrition Labels*
  • COVID-19: Calming Your Mind in Challenging Times*
  • COVID-19: Loneliness & Isolation Fatigue - Self-Care Strategies (English & French)*

* session hosted by external teams

For more information, contact the Teaching and Student Experience Team at ENGTL@uwaterloo.ca.