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Management Engineering

What do management engineers do?

Management engineers work and consult in every industry, from manufacturing to telecommunications, banks to healthcare organizations.  They design and implement complex management systems in organizations.

What does Waterloo have to offer?

  • Industrial Need -Our program was created based on a need within industry for graduates who are trained in management and in engineering.
  • Diverse Skills - You'll be able to study the core subject areas required for an engineering degree while gaining the skills required to work with interdisciplinary groups of people.
  • You’ll Learn - analytical decision-making, efficient distribution of products and services, and applications of information technology that support decision-making.
  • In addition - Waterloo also offers the management sciences option to anyone enrolled in a different program in Waterloo Engineering who may be interested in management science.

Areas of Specialization

  • Operations Research/Supply Chain Management – design quantitative decision models and efficiently plan the flow of goods from point of origin to point of consumption.
  • Information Technologies – support effective decisions with data mining and telecommunications resources and address organizational and social issues resulting from the use of information technologies.
  • Management of Technology – study accounting, finance, economics, organizational behaviour, organizational design, and problem-solving related to managing innovation and technological change.

What can I do after graduation?

When our first class of Management Engineers graduates in 2012, they'll have the skills and experience necessary to tackle a broad range of operational and resource challenges in industries ranging from construction to health care. Combining expertise indata research and analysis with an understanding of engineering's systematic approach to problem solving, they'll contribute at the level where technology interacts with the real world.