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Mar. 24, 2015 Teaching awards presented to engineering professor and PhD student

Distinguished Teacher Award winner

Jeff West, associate professor and associate chair of undergraduate studies in the department of civil and environmental engineering will receive one of the 2015 Distinguished Teacher Awards. 

Mar. 19, 2015 Students exhibit what may be the next great Canadian company during Capstone Design symposia

Senior-year Waterloo Engineering students will showcase innovative projects ranging from a hockey bag that dries itself, a diabetic foot monitor to a low-cost prosthetic hand, as part of the annual  Capstone Design symposia, which starts March 20.

Mar. 19, 2015 Engineering student is the country's top co-op student of the year
Third-year mechatronics engineering student Andrew Andrade, co-founder of a successful startup, is Canada's top co-op student of the year.   The Canadian Association for Co-operative Education made the announcement March 18 during National Co-op Week. Additionally, Andrade is the