Dean Adel Sedra and Dalsa founder Dr. Savvas Chamberlain

Dean Adel Sedra (left) and Dalsa founder Dr. Savvas Chamberlainstand in front of the unique donor wall located in the new Engineering 5 building. Chamberlain, who is chair of the Dean’s Development Council, and his family donated $3 million to Waterloo Engineering’s Vision 2010 Campaign. The donation will support the faculty’s infrastructure program as well as provide scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students.

A strong foundation

Success, we have learned, comes from having a plan. Our Vision 2010 strategic plan provided us with a blueprint to guide our decisions and actions yet offered sufficient flexibility to capitalize on opportunities and address unforeseen challenges as they arose. By any measure, Waterloo Engineering has moved forward significantly over the Vision 2010 plan period.

While continuing to enhance our renowned undergraduate program, we have become much more research intensive and have developed a better balance between graduate and undergraduate students. We have increased our faculty complement by a large margin, decreasing undergraduate student-to-faculty ratios and faculty teaching loads while increasing research intensity and graduate student supervision capacity. We have made considerable progress toward increased internationalization, most recently through our participation in the new University of Waterloo campus in the UAE.

We have addressed our pressing space deficit and made room for strategic growth with the construction of several new buildings. Our new Energy Research Centre and stunning new Engineering 5 building, home to our world-class student design centre, are now open. Two other buildings, the Quantum-Nano Centre and Engineering 6, are scheduled to be completed in 2011.

Despite the downturn in the economy, we were able to make considerable progress toward our Vision 2010 campaign target of $120 million. At present, we have raised approximately $77 million and our newly named Dean’s Development Council (formerly called Campaign Cabinet) will continue to work hard to reach the campaign goal within the next two years. (Vision 2010 Final Report)

It’s the strongest possible foundation on which to build our next plan – Vision 2015.

Building on excellence

Vision 2010 taught us how important broad consultation and a “bottom up” approach are to successful planning. We know that the process of developing a strategic plan is almost as important as the plan itself. Since last summer, our Engineering Planning Committee has consulted widely to develop our primary aspiration for our Vision 2015 plan: to be a truly world-class school of engineering.

Input and feedback are being sought from all members of the Waterloo Engineering community as each of our eight academic units looks critically and analytically at its programs and services. Once completed, these self studies will form the basis for each unit’s strategic plan, which will inform the development of an overall plan for Waterloo Engineering. During the summer and fall of 2011, external assessors will offer opinions before we finalize our Vision 2015 plan.

Celebrating our achievements

As we look forward, it is also important to look back and recognize our accomplishments. Each year, this report provides the opportunity to do just that. I’m extremely impressed by the work being done by Waterloo Engineering’s faculty, staff, students and alumni. As you read through the stories in this report I’m sure you’ll agree our continuing success is the result of our extraordinary people who are making a difference here in Waterloo – and around the world.

Adel Sedra
Dean, Faculty of Engineering

Vision 2015 Aspiration

Waterloo Engineering aspires to be a truly world-class school of engineering. The programs we offer, the students we graduate, and the solutions we develop will be sought after by outstanding students, employers, employees and partners.

Waterloo Engineering will be:

  • the top choice of outstanding high school students from Canada and abroad who are seeking a challenging academic program of the highest quality, fully integrated with real-world experience
  • in demand by excellent students, both domestic and international, seeking high-calibre graduate education and by working engineers seeking professional upgrading opportunities
  • the destination of choice among Canadian and global employers seeking co-op students or graduates at all levels for full-time employment
  • sought after by outstanding engineering faculty looking for a rewarding career that supports teaching and research excellence
  • the top choice of industry, government and community partners seeking to connect with outstanding researchers, students, entrepreneurs and innovators to solve local, national and global challenges

Vision 2015 Key Priorities

  1. Attracting, engaging, and retaining outstanding people: undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty and staff
  2. Committing to excellence in academic programs and services
  3. Undertaking high-impact research, both within and across the disciplines and spanning the theoretical to the practical
  4. Building connections and promoting collaboration
  5. Fostering innovation and entrepreneurship
  6. Providing the world-class facilities required to support excellence in education and research

Learn more about the Vision 2015 planning process