Liz Bevan

Administrative officer, chemical engineering

Looking to boost your chance of success as a student, faculty member or visitor in Waterloo’s chemical engineering department? Stop by Liz Bevan’s desk because she has the key. Literally.

Liz, the department’s administrative officer, not only supervises staff, does the  financial reporting, and answers students’ questions, she also greets long-term visitors and new graduate students – and gives them their keys to labs and offices to get them settled.

“Part of my role is to welcome everyone,” she says. “It’s really a lot of fun.”

She does the role well. So well, she won one of two  Faculty of Engineering Outstanding Staff Awards in 2009. Liz, whose husband works in the faculty of the environment and has two grown daughters, one majoring in speech communications at Waterloo, says it’s easy to commit herself to giving 110 percent each day. After all, when she was first hired by Waterloo as a permanent staff member over 15 years ago, she had a feeling she would stay for years. It was the right fit.

“Time goes by so fast here,” she says. A student comes in one day and then it’s almost time for them to leave. I can’t believe three years have gone by. I love the energy here!”