Teaching and Learning

Waterloo Engineering values quality teaching and learning experiences. Our expert instructors work to ensure that their teaching effectively supports our highly engaged learners.

In May 2012, Waterloo Engineering established the Associate Dean, Teaching portfolio with the following mission: to provide leadership in teaching within engineering to improve the depth, effectiveness and efficiency of student learning.

Teaching Champions

Teaching Champions work alongside the Associate Dean, Teaching to support teaching leadership. They share best practices in teaching and learning, support efforts to improve teaching quality, and foster and promote teaching innovations within their units.

Current Teaching Champions:

Connected to the Centre for Teaching Excellence

The Associate Dean, Teaching works closely with the Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE) to offer complementary, engineering-specific programs and initiatives. Engineering's CTE Faculty Liaison Richard Li is an ideal first contact for Engineering teaching members looking to connect with CTE resources. He can help with a variety of teaching & learning strategies and support your use of educational technologies, including LEARN. Richard also facilitates two Engineering-specific communities of practice: the Engineering Integrative Learning Group and the Case-Based Learning Group.

CTE provides valued expertise, resources and support to both individual instructors and the Teaching Portfolio.

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