Complementary studies list

This current list of complementary studies electives are up-to-date and approved at Senate Undergraduate Council on October 5, 2022 for the 2023-2024 Calendar (as noted). Students should view the requirements and notes in the Undergraduate Studies Academic Calendar to ensure all requirements are met.

If a course is listed on more than one list, the course can only count for one list. Students should let their academic advisor know which list the course applies to.

List A - Impact Courses

ANTH 106 Technologies of Being Human
BET 360 Design Frameworks for Social Ventures 
BET 420 Entrepreneurship for Social Impact
BME 381 Biomedical Engineering Ethics
CS 492 The Social Implications of Computing
ENVS 105 Environmental Sustainability and Ethics
ENVS 205 Sustainability: The Future We Want
ERS 215 Environmental and Sustainability Assessment 1
ERS 315 Environmental and Sustainability Assessment 2
GENE 22A Topics for List A Complementary Studies Courses Taken on Exchange by Engineering Students
GEOG 203 Environment and Development in a Global Perspective
GEOG 207 Climate Change Fundamentals
GEOG 306 Human Dimensions of Natural Hazards
GEOG 368/PLAN 341 Conservation/Resource Management of the Built Environment
GSJ 205 Technology, Gender, and Social Justice
MSCI 422 Economic Impact of Technological Change and Entrepreneurship
MSCI 442 Impact of Information Systems on Organizations and Society
NE 109 Societal and Environmental Impacts of Nanotechnology
PACS 315 Engineering and Peace
PHIL 226 Biomedical Ethics
SOC 232 Technology and Social Change
SOC 324 Digital Cultures
STV 100 Society, Technology and Values: Introduction
STV 202 Design and Society
STV 205 Cybernetics and Society
STV 208 Artificial Intelligence: Impact, Ethics, and Equity
STV 210/HIST 212 The Computing Society
STV 302 Information Technology and Society
STV 304 Technology in Canadian Society
STV 305 Technology, Society and the Modern City
STV 306 Biotechnology and Society
SYDE 261 Design, Systems, and Society

Other courses may be acceptable for this requirement. Prior approval is required from your department Associate Chair.

List B - Engineering Economics

AE 392/CIVE 392/ ENVE 392/ GEOG 392 Economics and Life Cycle Analysis
BME 364 Engineering Biomedical Economics
GENE 22B Topics for List B Complementary Studies Courses Taken on Exchange by Engineering Students
MSCI 261 Engineering Economics: Financial Management for Engineers
SYDE 262 Engineering Economics of Design

List C - Humanities and Social Sciences Courses

Accounting and Financial Management: AFM 131/ARBUS 101, AFM 333/ ARBUS 301
Anthropology: All ANTH, except ANTH 204, ANTH 251, ANTH 289, ANTH 305, ANTH 345, ANTH 355, ANTH 365, ANTH 371, ANTH 372, ANTH 377, ANTH 389, ANTH 391, ANTH 395, ANTH 455, ANTH 489, ANTH 498, ANTH 499A, ANTH 499B
Applied Language Studies: All APPLS
Architectural Engineering: AE 101, AE 491
Arts: ARTS 122, ARTS 450
Aviation: AVIA 100
Biomedical Engineering: BME 381, BME 530
Black Studies: BLKST 101, BLKST 102/COMMST 112/THPERF 112/VCULT 112, BLKST 103, BLKST 201, BLKST 202BLKST 203/ ENGL 225, BLKST210/ ENGL 326BLKST 224/ COMMST 224/ THPERF 224BLKST 230BLKST 240/ ENGL 327, BLKST 244/ ENGL 328, BLKST 302, BLKST 304/ PSCI 304, BLKST 309, BLKST 317/SPAN 317, BLKST 330, BLKST 410/ ENGL 405, BLKST 421 
Business Entrepreneurship and Technology: BET 100, BET 300, BET 320, BET 340, BET 350, BET 400, BET 411, BET 420BET 430, BET 450, BET 460, BET 470, BET 580
Canadian Studies: All CDNST
Church Music and Worship: CMW 363/MUSIC 363/RS 357, CMW 364/MUSIC 364/RS 358
Civil Engineering: CIVE 491
Classical Studies: All CLAS, except CLAS 390, CLAS 400-level courses
Cognitive Science: COGSCI 300/PHIL 356
Commerce: COMM 400
Communication Studies: COMMST 101, COMMST 112/BLKST 102/THPERF 112/VCULT 112, COMMST 201, COMMST 210, COMMST 224/BLKST 224/THPERF 224, COMMST 226, COMMST 228, COMMST 335, COMMST 339, COMMST 399, COMMST 401, COMMST 402, COMMST 420, COMMST 430/LS 492, COMMST 431, COMMST 432, COMMST 434/ENGL 309G/GSJ 309/HIST 309, COMMST 435, COMMST 471/LS 471, COMMST 475, COMMST 479
Computer Science: CS 492
Cultural Identities: CI 100, CI 200/GER200, CI 250, CI 300/SPAN 300, CI 329/SPAN 329
Dutch: DUTCH 271
East Asian Studies: All EASIA, except EASIA 250R, EASIA 291R, EASIA 391R
Economics: All except ECON 100/COMM 103ECON 211, ECON 221, ECON 290ECON 311, ECON 322, ECON 323, ECON 361, ECON 363ECON 371, ECON 372, ECON 381, ECON 382, ECON 391, ECON 392ECON 412, ECON 42x-level courses, ECON 452, ECON 456, ECON 47x-level courses, ECON 48x-level courses, ECON 49x-level courses 
English: All except ENGL 109, ENGL 119, ENGL 129R/EMLS 129R, ENGL 140R, ENGL 191/COMMST 191, ENGL 192/ COMMST 192, ENGL 193/COMMST 193, ENGL 203/DAC 201, ENGL 204/DAC 202, ENGL 209ENGL 210E, ENGL 210F, ENGL 210G, ENGL 210H, ENGL 210I,/LS 291, ENGL 210J, ENGL 303/COMMST 300/DAC 300, ENGL 304/DAC203, ENGL 306A, ENGL 306BB, ENGL 306G, ENGL 309E/COMMST 323, ENGL 373/BLKST 308, ENGL 375/BKLST 310, ENGL 378/MTHEL 300, ENGL 403/DAC 400, ENGL 408B, ENGL 408C, ENGL 472, ENGL 48x-level courses, ENGL 49x-level courses
Environment and Business: ENBUS 102, ENBUS 112, ENBUS 203, ENBUS 211, ENBUS 302, ENBUS 309, ENBUS 310, ENBUS 315, ENBUS 405, ENBUS 408, ENBUS 411
Environment, Resources and Sustainability: ERS 100, ERS 215, ERS 222, ERS 225, ERS 253, ERS 288/ENGL 248, ERS 294/RS 285, ERS 315, ERS 320, ERS 328, ERS 361/GEOG 361, ERS 365, ERS 370, ERS 372, ERS 404/PSCI 432, ERS 406, ERS 454, ERS 460/GEOG 460, ERS 462/GEOG 462/PSCI 488
Environment: ENVS 105, ENVS 195, ENVS 201ENVS 205, ENVS 210, ENVS 220, ENVS 310, ENVS 350, ENVS 401
Environmental Engineering: ENVE 391/GEOE 391
Fine Arts: FINE 101/VCULT 101FINE 102/VCULT 100FINE 112FINE 209FINE 210FINE 212FINE 213FINE 214FINE 215FINE 216/INDG 216FINE 217FINE 241/CLAS 241FINE 242/CLAS 242FINE 244FINE 245FINE 252/RS 270FINE 256FINE 257FINE 258FINE 259FINE 262/GSJ 262FINE 275/EASIA 231R/SI 231RFINE 281FINE 282FINE 319FINE 338/PHIL 331FINE 341/CLAS 341FINE 342/CLAS 342FINE 362/GER 362FINE 364/GER 364/REES 364FINE 368FINE 377/RS 377
French Studies:  FR 276FR 291FR 292FR 296FR 297FR 332FR 343FR 354FR 363FR 365FR 367FR 373FR 375FR 410FR 424FR 471FR 473FR 484FR 485FR 487
Gender and Social Justice: All GSJ, except GSJ 271GSJ 371GSJ 401/HLTH 401GSJ 402/PHIL 402GSJ 408/REC 408GSJ 410/ENGL 410GSJ 463/ENGL 463GSJ 472GSJ 473
General Engineering: GENE 22C, GENE 315, GENE 415
Geological Engineering: GEOE 391/ENVE 391
Geography and Environmental Management: GEOG 101GEOG 202GEOG 203GEOG 207GEOG 215GEOG 219GEOG 222GEOG 225GEOG 233GEOG 302GEOG 306GEOG 307GEOG 314GEOG 323/REC 383GEOG 325GEOG 336GEOG 349/PLAN 349GEOG 361/ERS 361GEOG 368/PLAN 341GEOG 411GEOG 423GEOG 432/HLTH 420/PLAN 432GEOG 460/ERS 460GEOG 462/ERS 462/PSCI 488
German: GER 100GER 120/REES 120GER 180/REES 180GER 200/CI 200GER 230GER 261/REES 261GER 262/REES 262GER 271GER 272GER 283/JS 233/RS 272GER 286/PHIL 286JGER 301/APPLS 301GER 330GER 362/FINE 362GER 363/FINE 363GER 364/FINE 364/REES 364GER 383GER 385/REES 385
Gerontology: GERON 201/HLTH 201GERON 218/HLTH 218/PSYCH 218GERON 352/KIN 352/HLTH 352/REC 362/SOC 352 
Greek: GRK 421      
History: All HIST, except HIST 391HIST 397HIST 398HIST 400-level courses
Human Resources Management:  HRM 200
Human Rights: All HRTS, except HRTS 390HRTS 490
Human Sciences: HUMSC 101HUMSC 102HUMSC 201HUMSC 301HUMSC 401HUMSC 490
Indegenous Entrepreneurship: INDENT 200INDENT 210
Indigenous Studies: All INDG, except INDG 101/MOHAWK 101RINDG 102/MOHAWK 102R
International Development:  INDEV 100INDEV 101INDEV 200INDEV 212INDEV 262/PLAN 262INDEV 300/PHIL 227INDEV 302INDEV 308INDEV 387INDEV 404INDEV 475INDEV 478
International Studies: INTST 101
Italian Studies: All ITALST, except ITALST 296ITALST 394ITALST 396
Jewish Studies: All JS, except JS 350JS 450
Kinesiology: KIN 352/GERON 352/HLTH 352/REC 362/SOC 352KIN 354
Knowledge Integration: INTEG 120INTEG 220/PHIL 290INTEG 221/PHIL 291INTEG 240INTEG 251
Latin: LAT 202LAT 331LAT 332LAT 381LAT 421
Legal Studies: All LS, except LS 203LS 221/SOC 221LS 229/SOC 229LS 280/SOC 280LS 283/AFM 231LS 322/SOC 322LS 330LS 403LS 404LS 405LS 413/SOC 413LS 419/SOC 419LS 422/SOC 422LS 423/SOC 423LS 425/SOC 425LS 426/SOC 426LS 428/SOC 428LS 431LS 433/SOC 433LS 434/SOC 434LS 435/SOC 435LS 461/SOC 461LS 496LS 498
Management: MGMT 220MGMT 244/ARBUS 302MGMT 345/ARBUS 303
Management Sciences: MSCI 211MSCI 263MSCI 311MSCI 411MSCI 422MSCI 442MSCI 454
Medieval Studies: All MEDVL, except MEDVL 291MEDVL 391MEDVL 491
Mennonite Studies: MENN 125
Nanotechnology Engineering: NE 109
Peace and Conflict Studies: All PACS, except PACS 290PACS 301PACS 302, all PACS 39x-level courses, all PACS 400-level courses
Philosophy: All PHIL, except PHIL 216PHIL 240PHIL 252/SCI 252PHIL 271PHIL 340PHIL 350PHIL 355PHIL 358PHIL 371, PHIL 40x-level courses, PHIL 41x-level courses, PHIL 42x-level courses, PHIL 43x-level courses, PHIL 44x-level courses, PHIL 452PHIL 455PHIL 458PHIL 459, PHIL 46x-level courses, PHIL 47x-level courses, PHIL 48x-level courses, PHIL 49x-level courses
Planning: PLAN 100PLAN 262/INDEV 262PLAN 341/GEOG 368PLAN 349/GEOG 349PLAN 362PLAN 414/REC 425PLAN 415PLAN 431PLAN 432/GEOG 432/HLTH 420PLAN 433PLAN 471
Political Science: All PSCI, except PSCI 299PSCI 314PSCI 315PSCI 360PSCI 390PSCI 391PSCI 400PSCI 403PSCI 426PSCI 433PSCI 437PSCI 485, PSCI 49x-level courses
Psychology:  All PSYCH, except PSYCH 207PSYCH 261PSYCH 264PSYCH 291PSYCH 292PSYCH 306PSYCH 307PSYCH 335PSYCH 363PSYCH 375RPSYCH 389, PSYCH 39x-level courses, PSYCH 420PSYCH 447/PHIL 447, PSYCH 45x-level courses, PSYCH 46x-level courses, PSYCH 47x-level courses, PSYCH 48x-level courses, PSYCH 49x-level courses
Public Health Sciences: HLTH 101HLTH 102HLTH 201/GERON 201HLTH 218/GERON 218/PSYCH 218HLTH 245/GERON 245HLTH 253/SOC 253HLTH 260/GSJ 260HLTH 301HLTH 320/GERON 320HLTH 352/GERON 352/KIN 352/REC 362/SOC 352HLTH 380/GSJ 380HLTH 412HLTH 420/GEOG 432/PLAN 432
Recreation and Leisure Studies: REC 100REC 101REC 200REC 201REC 202/HIST 205REC 203/SOC 210REC 206/PHIL 206REC 219REC 230REC 280REC 306/GSJ 306REC 319REC 356REC 361REC 362/GERON 352/HLTH 352/KIN 352/SOC 352REC 383/GEOG 323REC 408/GSJ 408REC 422REC 425/PLAN 414
Religious Studies: All RS, except RS 101/GRK 101RS 102/GRK 102RS 223/GRK 201RS 224/GRK 202RS 271/FINE 253RS 291RS 391RS 395RS 398RS 462/SOC 402RS 491RS 495RS 498RS 499
Russian and East European Studies: All REES, except REES 260
Science: SCI 266/CLAS 260/PHIL 260SCI 267/PHIL 258
Sexuality, Marriage, and Family Studies: All SMF, except SMF 200SMF 220SMF 230SMF 310SMF 365SMF 366SMF 400-level courses
Social Development Studies: All SDS, except SDS 150RSDS 250R/SWREN 250RSDS 251R/SWREN 251RSDS 370RSDS 375RSDS 398RSDS 399RSDS 450RSDS 451R, SDS 49x-level courses
Social Work: All SOCWK, except SOCWK 375RSOCWK 390ASOCWK 390BSOCWK 398RSOCWK 399RSOCWK 450RSOCWK 490R
Society, Technology and Values: All STV, except STV 201STV 400STV 401
Sociology:  All SOC, except SOC 221/LS 221SOC 229/LS 229SOC 230SOC 280/LS 280SOC 322/LS 322SOC 330SOC 362SOC 375RSOC 398RSOC 399R, SOC 40x-level courses, SOC 41x-level courses, SOC 42x-level courses, SOC 430SOC 432SOC 433/LS 433SOC 434/LS 434SOC 435/LS 435SOC 436, SOC 44x-level courses, SOC 45x-level courses, SOC 46x-level courses, SOC 49x-level courses
Spanish: SPAN 150SPAN 217SPAN 234SPAN 300/CI 300SPAN 317/BLKST 317SPAN 326SPAN 329/CI 329SPAN 387SPAN 400SPAN 410SPAN 430/GSJ 430
Studies in Islam: All SI, except SI 375R
Systems Design Engineering: SYDE 261
Visual Culture: VCULT 100/FINE 102VCULT 101/FINE 101VCULT 112/BLKST 102/COMMST 102/THPERF 112VCULT 200VCULT 300

List D - Other Permissible Complementary Studies Courses

American Sign Laguage: All ASL
Anthropology: ANTH 251
Black Studies: BLKST 303, BLKST 308/ENGL373, BLKST 310/ENGL 375, BLKST 380/THPERF 380, BLKST 499
Chinese: All CHINA, except for CHINA 391R
Communication Studies: COMMST 100, COMMST 102/THPERF 102, COMMST 149/DAC209/THPERF 149, COMMST 191/ENGL 191, COMMST 192/ENGL 192, COMMST 220/THPERF 220, COMMST 223, COMMST 225, COMMST 227, COMMST 323/ENGL 309E, COMMST 324, COMMST 325, COMMST 326/THPERF 326, COMMST 433, COMMST 440/THPERF 440
Croatian: CROAT 101, CROAT 102
Dutch: DUTCH 101, DUTCH 102
English: ENGL 109, ENGL 119ENGL 129R/EMLS 129R, ENGL 140RENGL 191/COMMST 191, ENGL 192/COMMST 192, ENGL 209ENGL 210E, ENGL 210F, ENGL 210G, ENGL 210H, ENGL 210I/LS 291, ENGL 210J, ENGL 304/DAC 203, ENGL 306A, ENGL 306B, ENGL 306G, ENGL 309E/COMMST 323, ENGL 373/BLKST 308, ENGL 375/BLKST 310, ENGL 408B, ENGL 408C
English for Multilingual Speakers: All EMLS
Environment: ENVS 131
Environment, Resource and Sustainability: ERS 318
Fine Arts: FINE 130, FINE 150
French Studies: FR 101, FR 151, FR 152, FR 192A, FR 192B, FR 203, FR 250, FR 251, FR 252, FR 255, FR 303, FR 351, FR 353, FR 355, FR 400, FR 452
General Engineering: GENE 22DGENE 315, GENE 415
Geography and Environmental Management: GEOG 417
German: GER 101, GER 102, GER, 201, GER 202, GER 211, GER 250, GER 261/REES 261, GER 303, GER 304, GER 307, GER 308, GER 331, GER 350
Greek: GRK 101/RS 101, GRK 102/RS 102, GRK 105, GRK 201/RS 223, GRK 202/RS 224, GRK 331, GRK 332, GRK 351, GRK 451
Health: HEALTH 100, HEALTH 105
Indigenous Studies: INDG 101, MOHAWK 101R, INDG 102/MOHAWK 102R
Italian: All ITAL, except ITAL 396
Japanese: All JAPAN, except JAPAN 391R
Knowledge Integration: INTEG 210, INTEG 410
Korean: All KOREA, except KOREA 391R
Latin: LAT 101, LAT 102, LAT 201, LAT 351, LAT 422, LAT 451
Mohawk: MOHAWK 101R/INDG 101, MOHAWK 102R/INDG 102
Music: MUSIC 111, MUSIC 222, MUSIC 226, MUSIC 227, MUSIC 233, MUSIC 270, MUSIC 271, MUSIC 275, MUSIC 322, MUSIC 370, MUSIC 371, MUSIC 376
Portugeuse: PORT 101, PORT 102
Religious Studies: RS 101/GRK 101, RS 102/GRK 102, RS 223/GRK 201, RS 224/GRK 202
Russian: RUSS 101, RUSS 102
Spanish: SPAN 101, SPAN 102, SPAN 201A, SPAN 201B, SPAN 210, SPAN 290, SPAN 301A, SPAN 301B, SPAN 390, SPAN 395, SPAN 490
Theatre and Performance: THPERF 100, THPERF 102/COMMST 102, THPERF 149/COMMST 149/DAC 209, THPERF 220/COMMST 220, THPERF 221, THPERF 222, THPERF 284, THPERF 301, THPERF 321, THPERF 322, THPERF 326/COMMST 326, THPERF 343, THPERF 361, THPERF 366, THPERF 368, THPERF 379, THPERF 380/BLKST 380, THPERF 389, THPERF 440/COMMST 440