School of Architecture

Supervisor:  Elizabeth English
Team: Kim Adamek
Title: Exposing the Invisible - Designing for the Uncertainty of Wind 

Supervisor: Mona El Khafif
Team:  Tristan Van Leur
Title: Informatic Urbanism: Public Space in the Connected Age 

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Supervisor: Bruce Hellinga
Team:  Cameron Berko
Title: Evaluation of Signal Retiming Measures on Arterial Corridors Using Bluetooth Travel Time Data

Supervisor:  Carl Haas
Team:  Mohammad Nahangi, Jamie Yeung, Thomas Czerniawski
Title: State of 3D Imaging in Construction Management

Supervisors:  Giovanni Cascante, Mahesh Pandey
Team: Maria-Jose Rodriguez
Title: Condition assessment of concrete elements using ultrasonic nondestructive methods

Supervisor: Jeffrey Casello
Team: Ian Dunlop, Kevin Yeung
Title: WPTI Transit Perception Study Using Smartphones

Supervisor: Maria Polak
Team:  Joseph Stoner
Title: Finite element analysis of concrete beams reinforced with GFRP flexural and shear reinforcement

Supervisors:  Scott Walbridge, Tim Topper, Sriram Narasimhan
Team: Kasra Ghahremani,  Jan Franssen
Title: An innovative method to detect and monitor fatigue cracking in steel bridges

Supervisor:  Susan Tighe
Team: Sonia Rahman
Title: The state of the Art Review of Pervious Concrete Test Method

Supervisor: Wayne Parker
Team: Muyiwa Ogunlaja
Title: Impact of Activated Sludge Process Configuration on Removal of Micropollutants and Estrogenicity

Supervisor: Wayne Parker
Team: Muyiwa Ogunlaja
Title: Assessment and Removal of Biotransformation of Endocrine Disrupting Compounds in Biological Nutrient Removal Wastewater Treatment Processes using a Recombinant Yeast Screen.

Supervisor: Wayne Parker
Team: Muyiwa Ogunlaja
Title: Removal and Biotransformation of Trimethoprim in Biological Nutrient Removal Treatment System – The role of Active Microbial Groups.

Chemical Engineering

Supervisor:  Aiping Yu
Team: Ricky Tjandra, Li Ge
Title:  Novel, Flexible Anode for Lithium-ion Supercapacitors

Supervisor: Christine Moresoli, Mario Gauthier
Team: Yung Lai
Title:  Development of weak cation exchange membrane adsorber materials for protein capture

Supervisor:  Frank Gu, Lyndon Jones
Team: Sandy Liu
Title:  Nanoparticle-based eye drop delivery platform

Supervisor:   Nasser Abukhdeir, Hany Aziz
Team: Bin Sun, Wei Hong
Title:  Improving molecular ordering and charge transport of a DPP-based polymer through antiplasticization effect in the presence of oligomers

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Supervisor: Ali Safavi-Naeini
Team: Gholamreza Rafi, Aiden Taeb
Title: Centre for Intelligent Antenna and Radio Systems

Supervisor: Ali Safavi-Naeini
Team: Gholamreza Rafi, Aiden Taeb
Title:  Internet of Things, Applications in Body Area Network

Supervisor:  Ali Safavi-Naeini
Team: Gholamreza Rafi, Aiden Taeb
Title:  MM-Wave and THz Device and System Research at CIARS, Part I

Supervisor:  Ali Safavi-Naeini
Team:  Gholamreza Rafi, Aiden Taeb
Title:  MM-Wave and THz Device and System Research at CIARS, Part II 

Supervisor: Ali Safavi-Naeini
Team: Gholamreza Rafi, Aiden Taeb
Title:  2-Way Phased Array Antenna System for Car to Satellite Communication

Supervisors:  Claudio Canizares, Kankar Bhattacharya
Team: Mostafa Farrokhabadi
Title:  Frequency Control in Isolated Microgrids through Load Voltage Regulation

Supervisor: Catherine Rosenberg
Team: Jagadish Ghimire
Title:  Impact of backhaul limitation on user scheduling, and user association in a heterogeneous cellular

Supervisor:  Cathy Gebotys
Team: Najma Jose
Title:  Fault Attack on FPGA Implementation of SHA 256

Supervisor: Chris Backhouse
Team: Gordon Hall, Tianchi Ma, Victor Shadbolt
Title:  A low cost, automated and field-deployable instrument for medical diagnostics

Supervisor:  En-hui Yang
Team:   Nan Hu
Title:  Fast intra mode decision for HEVC based on transparent composite model

Supervisor:   Jon W. Mark,  Sherman Shen
Team: Ning Zhang, Nan Cheng, Ning Lu, Haibo Zhou
Title:  Cooperation based Multi-Channel Dynamic Spectrum Access

Supervisor: Karim Karim, Peter Levine
Team:  Alireza Parsafar, Chris Scott, Abdallah El-Falou
Title:  Hybrid Amorphous-selenium/CMOS Direct-detection X-ray Imager with 6-um Pixel Pitch

Supervisor:  Magdy Salama
Team: Kings Wong
Title:  A Decision Support System for the Analysis and Prioritization of Asset Sustainment Investments for Underground Transmission Power Cable Asset

Supervisor: Manoj Sachdev
Team: Adam Neale
Title:  A 0.4V 75 kbit SRAM Macro in 28 nm CMOS Featuring a 3-Adjacent MBU Correcting ECC

Supervisors:  Srinivasan Keshav, Catherine Rosenberg
Team: Reid Miller
Title:  Information Systems and Science for Energy: ISS4E in 2014

Supervisor:   Raafat Mansour
Team:  Bill Jolley
Title:  Center for Integrated RF Engineering

Supervisor:  Ravi R. Mazumda
Team: Arpan Mukhopadhyay
Title:  Randomized Routing Schemes for Large Processor Sharing Systems with Multiple Service Rates

Supervisor:  Sagar Naik
Team: Jasmeet Singh
Title:  Measuring the Power cost of Large-scale Software Applications

Supervisor:  Sebastian Fischmeister
Team: Greta Cutulenco
Title:  Towards Simplifying Safety Standard Compliance

Supervisor:  Sherman Shen
Team:  Kuan Zhang
Title:  Exploiting Social Behaviors for Sybil Detection in Mobile Social Networks

Supervisors:  Sherman Shen, Weihua Zhuang
Team:  Nin Lu, Sailesh Bharati, Sailesh Bharati, Hassan Aboubakr Omar
Title:  The VeMAC Project: Supporting Periodic And Event-driven Safety Applications in Vehicular Networks

Supervisor:  Simarjeet Saini
Team: Navneet Dhindsa, Iman Khodadad ,  Jaspreet Walia
Title:  Highly ordered vertical GaAs arrays with dry etching and their optical properties

Supervisor:  Slim Boumaiza
Team:   Yushi Hu, Kasyap Patel, Ayman Jundi, Daniel Frebowski
Title:  Emerging Radio Systems: Moving Wireless Communication Forward to the Next Generation

Supervisor: William Wong
Team: Alireza Tari
Title:  Low Temperature Fabrication Process of IGZO Thin-film Transistor Using Transparent Contact and Wet Etching Process

Supervisor: William Wong
Team:  Czang-Ho Lee, Nikos Papadopoulos, Nicholas Vardy
Title:  High-Performance Amorphous Silicon Thin-Film Transistors on Plastic Substrates for Advanced Portable and Flexible Display Electronics

Supervisor: William Wong
Team:  Lina Voloshin, Czang-Ho Lee
Title: Conductive Nano-inks for Printed Electronics

Supervisor:  William Wong
Team:  Minoli Pathirane, Hadi Hosseinzadeh Khaligh, Bright Iheanacho
Title:  Influence of Top Electrodes on Hybrid Nanowire and Amorphous Silicon Flexible Solar Cells

Supervisor:  Zhou Wang
Team:  Kai Zeng, Jiheng Wang ,  Shahrukh Athar
Title:  Video Quality-of-Experience Monitoring

Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering

Supervisor:  Armaghan Salehian
Team:  Adam Svatos, Arsalan  Alim
Title:  University of Waterloo Satellite Design Team (WatSat)

Supervisor:   Armaghan Salehian
Team: Steven Lao, Hamza Edher, Blake Martin
Title:  Energy Harvesting and Vibrations Laboratory

Supervisor:  Beth Weckman
Team:   Nicole Nagy, Patrick Mulherin, Matt DiDomizio
Title:  Investigation of the fire hazard of mixed paper products in recycling facilities

Supervisor: Duane Cronin
Team: Dilaver Singh
Title:  Numerical Modeling of Primary Blast Injury

Supervisor:  Duane Cronin
Team:   Luis Tremiño, Khaled Boqaileh, Yogesh Nandwani
Title:  Structural Epoxy Adhesives in multi-material assemblies

Supervisor:  Ehsan Toyserkani
Team: Elahe Jabari
Title:  Micro-scale additive manufacturing of graphene-based interconnects

Supervisor:  Ehsan Toyserkani
Team: Mihaela Vlasea, Esmat Sheydaeian,  Ahmad Basalah,  Amir Azhari
Title:  Multi-Scale Additive Manufacturing Laboratory

Supervisor:   John Wright
Team:   Sepehr Mohaddes Foroushani
Title:  A new technique for characterizing convective heat transfer in window systems

Supervisor:   Mike Worswick
Team:   Jose Imbert-Boyd
Title:  Forming and Impact Mechanics Research

Supervisor:  Patricia Nieva, Aiping Yu, Amir Khajepour
Team: Hamidreza Alemohammad , Liliana Zdravkova, Abdulrahman Ghannoum,  Jeremy R Godin, Krishna Iyar   
Title:  Optical Fiber Battery Monitoring System

Management Sciences

Supervisor:   Lukasz Golab (MSCI) and Catherine Rosenberg (ECE)
Team:   Reid Miller
Title:   The Effects of Mandatory Time-of-Use Pricing on Electricity Demand in South West Ontario

Supervisor:  Samir Elhedlhi,  Fatma Gzara
Team:   Ahmed Saif, Da Lu
Title:  Research at Waterloo Optimization Lab (WatOpt)

Systems Design Engineering

Supervisor:  Alex Wong
Team: Andre Chung, Edward Li
Title:  Computer-aided MRI Reconstruction and Analysis Using Spatial Consistency

Supervisor:   Alex Wong
Team:  Francis Li, Meng Xi Zhu
Title:  New Methodologies for Depth Reconstruction Using Compact Systems

Supervisor:   Alex Wong
Team: Jason Deglint, Brendan Chwyl
Title:  Detecting biomarkers using multispectral data

Supervisor:   Alex Wong
Team: Shahid Haider, Robert Amelard, Farnoud Kazemzadeh
Title: Vision and Image Processing Lab: Hardware-software co-design for medical imaging applications

Supervisor:  Catherine Burns
Team:  Dev Minotra
Title:  Advanced Interface Design Lab

Supervisors:  M. Pavlin, Kumaraswamy Ponnambalam
Team:  Mohammadreza  Farahani
Title:  The Snowball Effect: Service Revenue Management in the Presence of Grouping Complementarities

Supervisor:  John Zelek
Team: Charbel Azzi
Title:  Image Localization for Facilitating Augmented Reality for Archaeological Exploration 

Supervisor:   John Zelek
Team:  David Abou Chacra
Title:  Image Segmentation Techniques for Clothing Segmentation

Supervisor:  Michele Mosca
Team:  Jennifer Fernick
Title:  Secure Cryptography in a Post-Quantum World