COVID-19 Updates

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The Renison English Language Institute Office (REN 1930) is not available for visitors. At this time, we are providing support in a virtual format. Read more about how to connect with ELI online.

For the Fall 2021 term, we will plan to offer our BASE and EFAS programs in both a completely online or blended (in-person and online) format. Learn more about Fall BASE on the BASE website. Learn more about the Fall EFAS program on our News webpage.  We are pleased to offer our September GEAR session online.

English Language Studies celebrates new location with opening of “The Hive”

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Entrance to the HiveEnglish Language Studies (ELS) held an open house for Renison faculty and staff to celebrate their new location and new office space within Renison University College.  Branded as “the Hive”, visitors were treated to delicious homemade deserts as they navigated through redesigned offices that will be used by ELS credit course lecturers.

How did the name of the Hive come to be? “One of our longtime ELS lecturers, Pat Skinner, came up with the idea of naming our office space the Hive. She felt that with all of our lecturers now located in one place, the area has become a very busy and productive zone – just like a beehive,” said Julia Williams, Director of English Language Studies at Renison ELI.

Prior to receiving the new office space, ELS lecturers were located in various offices throughout Renison University College. “Its great to have a central location where our colleagues can collaborate and work together,” said Maggie Heeney, ACE-TESOL Program Coordinator at Renison ELI, “It is also a comfortable space for our students to have the 1 on 1 support they need from any of us.”

Maggie Heeney in office

To truly emphasize the theme and branding of the Hive, several honey-related prizes were raffled off to visiting faculty and staff from various departments at Renison. The sweet treats included large jars of natural honey, smaller jars of raspberry honey, and a special gift certificate from the Honey Bake Shop in Downtown Waterloo.

If you are a University of Waterloo student enrolled in an ESL graduate or undergraduate credit course, you can find your ELS department offices in rooms’ 0101A to 0101F. Be sure to buzz by and say hello!

About the Renison English Language Institute

The Renison English Language Institute (Renison ELI) has offered high quality English as a second language (ESL) programs and courses since 1970. We welcome more than 1000 students each year to Renison University College.

We are also proud to be the official ESL provider of the University of Waterloo, ranked Canada’s most innovative university for 22 years in a row.

Housed within Renison ELI are the English Language Centre (ELC) and English Language Studies (ELS). We invite you to explore our programs and courses, and look forward to welcoming you to the Renison community. 

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