Instructors from English Language Centre participate in 2-week international teaching experience with Waterloo university partner in Turkey

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Picture of group of students with Renison ELI instructors in front of Topokapi Palace

Pictured above is a group photo of Renison English instructors with students in front of Topakapi Palace. Photo credit: Kim Burrell.

From June 27th to July 11th, three instructors from Renison's English Language Centre visited Yeditepe University in Istanbul, Turkey to provide English classes as part of a summer university experience program. Representing Renison on the international teaching experience were Kim Burrell, English for Academic Success (EFAS) Senior Language Instructor/Teacher Development Coordinator, Raveet Jacob, Bridge to Academic Success in English (BASE) Language Instructor, and Charlie Ewing, EFAS Language Instructor.

Designed for high-achieving Turkish high school students, the program allows students to discover Yeditepe University’s various disciplines and faculties, while receiving English language classes from Renison instructors. As a University of Waterloo exchange partner, a variety of academic credit courses at Yeditepe University are taught in English, meaning Turkish high school students who are admitted to undergraduate programs at Yeditepe University require an advanced level of English.

As part of the program, we provided 2 hours of English classes every afternoon to help students improve their communication skills and get them accustomed to the idea of taking classes in English while studying in Turkey,” recalls Kim, “We also developed materials and content that introduced them to Canadian culture and intercultural communication through the use of English”.

Renison instructors having dinner with Yeditepe instructor.

Renison instructors with Yeditepe Preparatory instructor (from left to right), Charlie Ewing, EFAS Language Instructor, Kim Burrell, EFAS Senior Language Instructor/Teacher Development Coordinator, Elçin Çıkrık, Yeditepe Language Instructor, and Raveet Jacobs, BASE Language Instructor.

In addition to teaching English, the international experience provided an opportunity for Renison instructors to collaborate with instructors from Yeditepe University’s English Preparatory School on teaching methodology and best practices in English for Academic Purposes (EAP) foundation programming.

We are thankful for this unique opportunity for collaboration between the English Language Institute at Renison University College and the Yeditepe University Preparatory School,” says Tanya Missere Mihas, Director of the English Language Centre and Associate Director of International and Inter-Cultural Development at Renison University College, “The vibrant students and supportive staff at Yeditepe University have provided our instructors with an enriching and mutually beneficial experience.  We hope to nurture these new-found relationships in the future."

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