Meet the ELI Newswriting team for Winter 2020

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Our ELI Newswriting team is a volunteer committee of students studying in our Bridge to Academic Success in English (BASE) and English For Academic Success (EFAS) programs. Students meet weekly to practice their writing skills and experience different forms of writing in a fun, friendly atmosphere. Meet this term's Newswriting team members, hosted by Peer Leader Tomi Kosoko.

Students are playing charades in a news writing teamHello, my name is Charles. I am an easy-going person who likes making friends and investigating things that I am interested in.  Last term, I joined the consulting club, because I am interested in financial issues and I always feel excited after I solve a problem.  After I joined the consulting club, it was hard for me to make friends because people couldn’t understand my ideas when I spoke.  When I noticed something that I am not good at, I tend to work hard to improve myself.  Which is why I decided to join the UW toastmaster club to improve my oral skills.

Hi, my name is Cindy.  Realistic caregiver is a very suitable description to me because, even though I am a sensitive person who always feels insecure, I still love to take care of others and help people because it makes me happy.  According to my horoscope and tests, I am a very practical person and friends have described me as very reliable and gentle. I hope all the people I've been with had a good impression of me.

Hi, my name is Marina. I have a deep and complex inner world in my brain. It may take me a long time to trust others and build up a deep relationship even if I show positive expressions in real life. Once I trust someone else, I begin to deeply care about them and try to do the best for them.  Friends are important to me because I would feel lonely otherwise. However, spending time in private and quiet space is also important to me because it helps me to focus. It makes studying easier for me and I learn better that way.

Hello, my name is Ray and my personality can be described as tough-minded and organized. I do love reading and I value it as an important part of my life. Reading makes me think a lot and it motivates me to write about life, and it also guides me when I make choices in life.   I am curious and open to different ideas, no matter how different they are from mine. I enjoy studying because I can absorb new information and knowledge. I am always curious about people who have a different cultural background than me because we all see the world in different ways, and I believe they can share new and brilliant ideas with me. It takes a long time for me to trust other people, but I won't say I am an unfriendly person.  I have a friend who I’ve been friends with for about 20 years now, and this shows that once I formed a friendship, I always treat it as treasure and put a lot of effort into it.

a student in the news writing teamThis is Reiner, from Panama. He is in the BASE program and is looking forward to get his engineering degree. His friends usually describe him as creative, clever, polite, and a passionate learner who is organized yet dynamic.  He is a good listener, in fact he enjoys conversations about many topics such as games, action movies and TV series.   Reiner is also a big fan of Star Wars, technology and traveling.  You can find him on Instagram at reinerv05.

Hello, my name is Karina and I would describe myself as a person driven by curiosity and prefer experience new things rather than stay in a constant routine. Over the years, I have been looking to challenge myself every time when the opportunity arises.

Moreover, I believe my personality cannot simply be judged by anyone from the surface, until they get to know me and are able to understand me. I consider myself a blunt person who has no trouble speaking her mind.  I am also very committed when I started something, even though my spontaneous personality can be a problem sometimes. This determination is the reason why I get up no matter how hard I fall. However, I do not enjoy planning my life in detail. I am the type that enjoy most of my experiences and make quick decisions without thinking of the consequences. Nevertheless, I believe I am open-minded so I have a lot of fun talking about almost any topic. A fun fact about me is that I love telling bad jokes.

students eating at the ELI news writingHello, this is Andreina. Andreina is an introverted and shy person, but she is funny once she gets comfortable with those around her. She does not speak a lot because she does not feel confident with her English yet, but she likes to listen and help her friends out. She has an interesting hobby, which is to sleep like a Bear during the hibernation time. Since she is from a country that has a warm and damp weather, she does not enjoy the cold weather here in Canada.  She writes down things because She forgets things easily.  She loves dogs and she called it Snoopy or baby.

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