Renison among the few selected to participate in Canadian delegation to Vietnam

Monday, April 18, 2016

Vietnam's Halong Bay with two ships in a sheltered coveThe Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) recently led a delegation of select Canadian language schools and faculties of education to Vietnam, and Renison University College was one of the institutions invited to take part. Renison was one of twelve Canadian post-secondary institutions selected from a field of over 50 applicants. 

Renison was selected to participate based on its extensive experience as a provider of high-quality English language instruction, the Renison International Office’s (RIO) connections to Vietnam, and RIO’s experience designing custom programs.  The delegation’s purpose was to consult with the Government of Vietnam and various higher-education institutions in that country on the goal of increasing English language capacity across Vietnam.

Ron Champion, Manager of RIO, was Renison’s representative in the Canadian delegation.  Champion found the opportunity to work with other Canadian schools towards the common purpose of increasing English language instruction capacity in Vietnam to be “personally and professionally invigorating”.

“Vietnam is a rapidly-developing nation almost 100 million people, representing a large potential pool of English language learners,” said Champion.  “Having said that, many rural areas of the country are still in the process of developing their physical and technological infrastructure, and as such, new methods of ESL instruction and course delivery will need to be developed to meet these regions’ unique needs. I look forward to collaborating with CBIE and our ESL colleagues across the country to develop a pan-Canadian proposal to develop ESL capacity in Vietnam.”

During their visit, members of the delegation discussed some preliminary project ideas for the development of English language instruction programs in Vietnam, with all members agreeing to an incremental approach that starts small and increases instructional capacity over time. By choosing an incremental path forward, the institutions involved hope to incorporate lessons learnt early on in subsequent iterations of the project, helping to ensure a successful future for Canadian-Vietnamese ESL collaboration.

About the Renison English Language Institute

The Renison English Language Institute (Renison ELI) has offered high quality English as a second language (ESL) programs and courses since 1970. We welcome more than 1000 students each year to Renison University College.

We are also proud to be the official ESL provider of the University of Waterloo, ranked Canada’s most innovative university for 22 years in a row.

Housed within Renison ELI are the English Language Centre (ELC) and English Language Studies (ELS). We invite you to explore our programs and courses, and look forward to welcoming you to the Renison community.

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