Amberly West (BA 2010)

Amberly West (BA 2010)

What is your favourite memory of English at uWaterloo?

WestOne event that is more prominent than others in my memory is the Ice Cream Social, hosted by the English Society during the Spring 2007 term. The ice cream was delicious. Aside from that, this was the point in my academic career at which I began thinking about graduate studies. At this event, Professor Randall and I talked about the graduate course he was teaching, “Jackson’s Tolkien.” I was very interested in the course, and received an invitation to sit in on a few classes. I never attended the class, but it did make me think about my future studies.

What was your favourite English class?

My favourite class was ENGL 392B The Rhetoric of Text and Image with Professor O’Gorman. I found the class to be challenging. It also provided me with a foundation in the theory and practice of design that I have continually drawn upon in other classes and during co-op placements. This class also provided me with one of my favourite texts, The Elements of Graphic Design by Alexander White.

Who was your favourite English professor?

The most influential Professors during my undergraduate degree were Professor Hulan and Professor Randall. Both of them helped me on the road to becoming a MA student this coming fall.

What lessons did you take away from your experience in English at uWaterloo?

I learned very early in my studies that good writing takes time and that you should start your assignments well in advance of the deadline.

Where do you imagine yourself in 50 years?

50 years from now, I hope to be at the University of Waterloo celebrating the English Department’s 100th Anniversary!

This profile was originally published in November, 2010, as part of the English at 50 celebrations.