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MA Experimental Digital Media

The Master of Arts in Experimental Digital Media (MA-XDM) is dedicated to exploring the creative and critical processes provided by digital media. The XDM program emphasizes a lab-based, hands-on approach to digital technology. Students in the program learn to use digital media as a critical tool, combining theory and practice in the production of objects-to-think-with. The program's rich mix of theoretical and practical study prepares graduates for a variety of careers in media industries, as well as in digital/social media positions within more traditional fields—private industry, government, educational organizations, and non-governmental organizations. Other students go on to doctoral programs, taking the creative methods and theories of the XDM program with them to craft innovative PhD projects. 

The MA-XDM can also be taken in the co-op stream.

The MA-XDM program is enmeshed with the Critical Media Lab, a centre for the experimental production of digital objects and exhibitions where students, faculty, and local digital artists interact:

  • XDM courses are frequently held in the lab, entirely or in part 
  • Project teams meet in the lab to use the equipment and engage other lab researchers 
  • Researchers from English and other disciplines, including visiting researchers, are around for informal and formal consultation and brainstorming.
  • Five Power Macs and ten MacBooks, all fully equipped with high-end design software, are available for XDM students
  • Four high-definition video cameras and five digital cameras are, all available for short-term loan

Full program information and regulations are available in the Graduate Calendar.


The XDM pragram requires six term-length courses and a Major Research/Creative Project (MRP), along with an academic-integrity workshop requirement and a language requirement. The courses must satisfy this distribution: 

  • ENGL 700 with the "digital bootcamp" element
  • 2 Experimental Digital Media (XDM)
  • 1 Literature
  • 2 Elective (which may be extra-departmental)
  • Master Research/Creative Project*

Major Research/Creative Project

Students must arrange for a supervisor and a secondary reader, both of whom must be members of the faculty, and under their guidance prepare a proposal to submit to the English Graduate Committee.  The proposal is due the first day of the last month of the second term of study: April 1 for Winter term, August 1 for Spring term and December 1 for Fall term.

*The project centres on the design and creation of a digital artefact, accompanied by a critical analysis  focusing on the theoretical and cultural context of the project and its aim, 30-35 pages in length. The passing grade is 70%.

The MRP is due the first day of the last month of the third term of study: April 1 for Winter term, August 1 for Spring term and December 1 for Fall term.

Hard copies of the completed and approved MRP should be supplied to the supervisor and reader(s) by the student, unless the supervisor specifies otherwise.

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Two Lecturer Positions in Writing Studies

The Department of English is inviting applications for positions in Writing Studies at the rank of Lecturer.

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