Literature and Rhetoric Program

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The Literature and Rhetoric degree brings together the dual strengths of the UWaterloo Department of English. It provides a structured course of study to train you in both disciplines and considerable freedom in exploring your own interests. 

Literature and Rhetoric is one of three majors offered by the English department.

Degree Options

You can take your Literature and Rhetoric degree as a four-year honours degree or a four-year general degree. Click on the links below to see the program requirements for each option.

Four-year honours degree

You have a number of options for your honours RMPC degree, depending on your interests and goals:

To be enrolled in an Honours English degree, students must maintain an average of 70% in their English courses and a 60% overall average.

Four-year general degree

If a student's average does not meet the requirements for an honours degree, the student can still continue in his or her program by pursuing a four-year general English degree majoring in Literature and Rhetoric. Students in the four-year general degree have access to all the same courses as honours students, but do not participate in co-op or graduate with a specialization.

Want more information?

Contact our undergraduate administrator, Jenny Conroy, or our acting undergraduate chair, Randy Harris.

The English undergraduate office is located in Hagey Hall room 251.