Online English Courses

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The English department offers a wide range of online courses. Below is a list of the online courses we offer.

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Introduction to Rhetorical Studies  (ENGL 101B): This course introduces students to rhetoric: the art of persuasion. The history, theory, practice, and impacts of rhetoric will be considered. Students will analyze persuasive artifacts including propaganda, advertisements, political texts, and scientific communications. Students will also act as rhetors (users of rhetoric) to craft persuasive arguments.

Popular Potter (ENGL 108P): This course examines all seven of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter novels. 

Introduction to Academic Writing  (ENGL 109): An exploration of a variety of issues in academic writing such as style, argument, and the presentation of information. Frequent written exercises will be required. 

Written Academic English (ENGL 129R): Designed specifically for students for whom English is not the first language, this writing skills course provides instruction in grammar, sentence and paragraph structure, elements of composition, and academic essay writing, including a focus on theme, development of central ideas, exposition, and argumentation. 

Shakespeare (ENGL 190): Designed for students in all faculties, the course examines some of Shakespeare's comedies, history plays, and tragedies. Shakespeare's variety and flexibility in developing characters and dramatic structures are stressed, as are significant themes. 


Survey of British Literature 1 (ENGL 200A): An historical survey of major figures, types, and trends in British literature from the Middle Ages to the late 18th century. 

Survey of British Literature 2 (ENGL 200B): An historical survey of major figures, types, and trends in British literature from the late 18th century to the present. 

The Bible and Literature 1 (ENGL 202A): A study of the major stories, themes, and literary characteristics of the Old Testament of the King James Bible (also known as the Hebrew Scripture), and of its influence on other English literature. 

Genres of Technical Communication (ENGL 210E): This course explores writing, presentation, and design across various genres of technical communication, with a primary focus on printed and/or online computer documentation. Other assignments might include white papers, product specifications, help-desk communication, etc.

Genres of Business Communication (ENGL 210F): This courses explores the genres of communication in business and other organizations, such as reports (of several kinds), letters, email messages, marketing materials, public relations materials, and any other types of organizational communication.

Literary Theory and Criticism (ENGL 251)
What exactly are we doing when we study literature? By examining a selection of critical methods and theoretical approaches, this course will enhance understanding of the many different emphases, values, and priorities critics bring to literature, and the many available perspectives on what constitutes literature's significance. 

Rhetorical Theory and Criticism (ENGL 292): This course provides a survey of the multidisciplinary field of rhetorical studies. In addition to introducing key concepts, theoretical frameworks, and critical debates, this course examines the role of rhetoric in a range of academic disciplines and social contexts. 


Introduction to Linguistics (ENGL 306A): Introduction to linguistics and the principles of linguistic analysis through an examination of English phonology, forms, syntax, and discourse. 

Contemporary Rhetoric (ENGL 309C): An examination of contemporary rhetorical theory and its relationships to criticism, interdisciplinary studies, and digital applications.

Modern Canadian Literature (ENGL 315): This course focuses on the varied ways in which 20th-century writers of poetry and prose participate in the shaping of Canadian literary culture, with emphasis on the literature of the middle decades.

American Literature in a Global Context (ENGL 345): A study of the ways in which movements of peoples and cultures have shaped American literature. Topics may include colonialism, immigration and migration, literary influence across borders and languages, nativism and internationalism, racial and ethnic styles and exchanges.

Seventeenth-Century Literature 2  (ENGL 350B): An intensive study of Milton's epic, Paradise Lost, in its historical and literary contexts. 

Shakespeare 1 (ENGL 362): A study of the plays written before 1599-1600, excluding Julius Caesar.

Shakespeare 2 (ENGL 363): A study of the plays written after 1599-1600, including Julius Caesar.