This archive contains past syllabi for English courses from 2013 on. There are also some earlier syllabi.

To find the syllabus for a particular course offering, look for the course number below and then click on the section to expand it. Links to the syllabi associated with that number will be displayed in the format course number, term (F = fall, W = winter, S = spring) and year, and instructor's last name. So the link titled "101B W15 Smith" displays the syllabus for ENGL 101B offered in winter 2015 and taught by an instructor with the last name Smith.

If you are looking for a syllabus for a course with a prefix other than ENGL (e.g., ARTS or GENE) scroll to the bottom of the page to find those. If the course number of the syllabus you're looking for ends in an R, please contact Renison University College (519-884-4404) to request the syllabus. If you took your course at St. Jerome's University, please contact them at 519-884-8111.

If you are looking for an English syllabus for a particular course offering and cannot find it here, please contact the English Department to request a copy.