Photo of Marcel O'Gorman.

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Faculty participating in the Experimental Digital Media program are outstanding instructors who are on the cutting edge of research in their fields. Whether they’re offering eye-opening courses, sharing the findings from innovative research projects, or supporting you in your coursework or your own research/creative project, you’ll profit from their knowledge, experience, and guidance. Here are a few of the faculty you’ll meet.

Lai-Tze Fan

Photo of Lai-Tze Fan.

Lai-Tze Fan's general research and teaching interests include media archaeology, intermedial and transmedial storytelling, research-creation projects, critical making/maker culture, the Anthropocene, technological labour (especially gendered labour), electronic literature, critical infrastructure studies, and the critical digital humanities.

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Aimée Morrison

Aimée Morrison’s work focuses on popular reception and remediation of computer technologies, as well as on design for digital media. Her current research project, Deciphering Digital Life Writing, focuses on the social web, examining how and why individuals use Internet media platforms to fashion representations of themselves.

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Marcel O’Gorman

Marcel O’Gorman is the founding Director of the Critical Media Lab at the University of Waterloo. He has published widely in the fields of media theory and criticism, including the books E-Crit, New Media / New Methods, and Necromedia. His research is reflected in his art projects, which often seek to materialize specific critical theories about the impact of technology on the human condition.

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Neil Randall

Neil Randall is the Director of the Games Institute. His current research project, IMMERSe, established a network of seven universities and six industry partners to conduct research into player experience and behavior, with studies focusing on player immersion, player presence, player relationships, and player addiction.

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