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Feedback, Fedback, Feedforward

Poster for feedback, fedback, feedforward symposium.Feedback, Fedback, Feedforward was an exhibition and symposium of XDM student work held April 10, 2015 at the English Department's Gaukel Street location in Kitchener. The exhibition explored the relations between information communications technology and art, and featured keynote speaker Dr. Jentery Sayers, Director of the Maker Lab in the Humanities at the University of Victoria. 

These videos include selected projects from the exhibition and excerpts from Dr. Sayers's presentation.


Student Exhibits

Dr. Jentery Sayers Presentation

Featured XDM Student Profile

Photograph of Shawn DeSouza

Shawn DeSouza-Coelho focuses on the intersections of narrative and play within video game design. As a Creative Director with the Games Institute, in association with the Straford Festival of Canada, he is currently designing digital games that entertain as well as educate youth on the life/works of William Shakespeare as well as the Stratford Festival itself.

As a practicing magician, his book, Metamagic: An Introduction (2013), explores the art of magic as a medium for discourse. This treatise argues for a paradigmatic shift in the practice of the art form, one that enables active co-authorship of illusion in the pursuit of deeper personal, emotional, and spiritual connection with the audience.