MAD computer labs

Students in the Faculty of Environment have access to a wide variety of computing facilities and software.

For a detailed list of what software is installed in what lab, consult our software list.

Students using the computer lab

Usage tips

  • Students do not have permission to install software on computers in any of our labs. Any software you need should already be installed. Consult the software list to see what software is installed in the various labs.
  • You have multiple options for storing files while using our lab computers.
    • Your N: drive is a great place to store files that you want to be able to access on multiple computers.
    • You can temporarily use local drives on the computers (such as D: in the Windows labs), however these files can be read by anyone using the computer so never leave files there when you are done working. Back them up to your N: drive, a USB drive, or your OneDrive.
    • Your OneDrive provides a large amount of storage space and makes a good backup location.
  • Read tips for teaching assistants (TAs) and professors using the teaching labs.

Note: All labs are closed at the end of each term for approximately one week when the computers are re-configured for the upcoming term.

General Use Labs


  • EV2 1011
  • EV2-1014 (aka Magellan)


Teaching labs*

*via door lock combination. The combination will be sent to instructors prior to the start of term.


  • Geddes - EV2 1002A
  • Galileo - EV1 240
  • Design and Modelling Centre (DMC) - EV2 2052

24/7 via door lock combination.

All labs closed the week of August 22 to 26. The Geddes lab is closed August 15 to 26.