The MAD Help Desk is closed. All MAD facilities (computer labs, workshop, photo studio, sound studio, darkroom, and film development room) are closed until further notice. You can access a lab computer remotely.

MAD computer labs

You can access the lab computers remotely (Windows only).

General Lab 1 full of students.

Students in the Faculty of Environment have access to a wide variety of computing facilities and software. For a detailed list of what software is installed in what lab consult our software list. See the computer lab schedules to know when it's available for use.

Read tips for teaching assistants (TAs) and professors using the teaching labs.

Note: All labs are closed at the end of each term for approximately one week when the computers are re-configured for the upcoming term.

General use labs

General Use Lab 1 and 2
Location General Use Lab 1:
Environment 2 (EV2) 1011
General Use Lab 2:
EV2 1004
Hours Closed (until further notice) - see remote lab access

Teaching labs

*Via door lock combination.


Design and Modelling Centre (DMC)
Location EV2 2052
Hours Closed (until further notice)


Galileo, Geddes, and Magellan labs
Location Galileo:
Environment 1 (EV1) 240
EV2 1002A
EV2 1014
Hours Closed (until further notice) - see remote lab access