The MAD Help Desk is closed. All MAD facilities (computer labs, workshop, photo studio, sound studio, darkroom, and film development room) are closed until further notice. You can access a lab computer remotely.

MAD workshop

MAD workshop logo.

PLAN 313 students working on their terrain models.

The workshop is available to all Faculty of Environment students, staff and faculty for the design and construction of course-related projects.

Prior to use of the shop, a safety tutorial provided by the Workshop Coordinator must be completed. Users must use provided safety gear (safety glasses, dust masks, etc.). Users must also wear proper attire and footwear. Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) training is mandatory for all users of the workshop. You will be required to provide proof of completed training prior to use of the workshop.

See our equipment list.

Location Environment 2 (EV2) 1009
Hours Closed until further notice
Booking Submit a Request Tracker (RT) ticket