If you need to purchase a new computer, please consult with MAD first so that we can ensure it is compatible with the university’s infrastructure.

MAD can and will assist our faculty and staff members (clients) in specifying, selecting, purchasing, and configuring new computers bought through a valid university account for academic needs.

For research proposals, MAD can work with the principal investigator (PI) to identify their IT needs and to obtain quotes suitable for their proposal submissions (e.g., Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) quotes).


All clients who are ready to make a purchase should submit a Request Tracker (RT) ticket to MAD requesting the new computer. Please include as much detailed information as possible (e.g., Windows or Mac) and the university account number being charged.

If this purchase is research funded, we require the following information before we can proceed with the purchase.

  1. The university account for this grant.
  2. Your approval that we can purchase on your behalf.

If you have funding deadlines, please make sure that you allow an appropriate amount of time for the purchase to go through the financial system.

Please make sure to indicate if you are planning to pay for your purchase under the Faculty Professional Expense Reimbursement Plan. There may be some hardware/software that we cannot assist in purchasing.

Once MAD has received the new computer, we will set it up as per the specifics in the request and then arrange delivery to the client.


MAD will work with the client to address specific requirements.

  • In order to ensure that we meet all university procurement procedures and licensing requirements, MAD will only support computers that are purchased on a valid university account and that meet the campus network standards.
  • All Windows computers will be connected to the university's Nexus Active Directory. This provides the client with easier access to the university computing resources such as shared drives, printing and email.
  • Supported computers (currently Dell Canada Inc.) will be configured to connect to the campus wired and/or wireless networks in order to be compliant with campus security policies.
  • The university has negotiated pricing with Dell to get the lowest total cost available for Windows systems and can obtain educational pricing with Apple.
  • All new computers will be configured with a baseline standard set of software which includes a current university supported operating system and current version of Microsoft Office. Software not included in the baseline standard is installed when requested and properly licensed (e.g., Adobe Acrobat Professional). MAD will assist clients in the procurement of university licensed software when applicable.
  • When possible, MAD will assist in the deployment of non-standard software. Clients will be asked to provide installation media/licensing for non-standard software.
  • MAD will not install ArcGIS software on non-managed computers.

Please contact Mary Burden with any questions or comments you may have about these services.

Important: If you choose to buy a computer not endorsed by MAD, then any installation of software is your responsibility. University-owned computers are entitled to various software licensed through the Information Systems & Technology (IST) Webstore.

Who can use this service:

  • Faculty
  • Staff

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