The MAD Help Desk is closed. All MAD facilities (computer labs, workshop, photo studio, sound studio, darkroom, and film development room) are closed until further notice. You can access a lab computer remotely.

Privacy and compliance considerations

For faculty, staff, teaching assistants (TAs) and sessional instructors:

  • Store all materials containing student information, including grades, directly on LEARN. If that is not possible, then store that material on the University provided N: drive. Do not store these types of materials on personal computing or storage devices. N: drives are accessible from on and off campus to faculty, staff and TAs, and it is regularly and automatically backed up.
  • Alternative storage options, such as cloud storage, are possible, but only if IST recommendations on cloud storage are followed.
  • Email correspondence that needs preserving (for potential legal purposes) is best preserved in a separate folder on Outlook (watch the YouTube video on managing folders), not saved as individual files or via personal storage table (.pst) files.


Campus and faculty resources

Applicable policies and guidelines

Who can use this service:

  • Current undergraduate students
  • Current graduate students
  • Faculty
  • Staff

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