School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability graduates - employment prospects

What jobs are available with a Bachelor of Environmental Studies (BES) degree from the School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability (SERS)?

Perhaps the question should be: "What can't you do with your BES in Honours SERS?"

Even in today's poor economy, there are many "green jobs" and political leaders around the world are focusing on new economy jobs in the environment sector.

An informal email discussion list with over 500 SERS alumni revealed that our graduates inevitably go on to immediate careers in their field. The most common careers are:

  • Ecologist (public and private sector) – includes every permutation including senior scientists and park ecologists or wardens
  • Environmental Assessment Field Officer or Manager (public and private sector)
  • Environmental Field Technician (especially in the energy, water, agricultural and waste management sectors)
  • Sustainable Development/Natural Resource Field Officer (often international; several work for the United Nations or non-governmental organizations and others work for corporations who have sustainability policies)
  • Environmental Planner or Manager
  • Green Technology Consultant (e.g., green buildings, alternative energy)
  • Arbitrator (dispute resolution specialists)
  • Landscape Architects
  • Environmental Health and Safety Officers or Managers
  • Environmental and Corporate Lawyers
  • Primary and Secondary School Teachers
  • College and University Professors
  • Professional Musicians and other entertainers
  • Environmentally-oriented Entrepreneurs or Financial Officers (e.g., arbitrage and other stock market analysis roles, especially related to ethical stock and mutual funds)

Our alumni have found careers in what we may call the expected (park ecologists, outdoor education, environmental assessment) to the unexpected (children's entertainer, mutual fund manager, diplomat, geotechnical consultant).

Your path to success starts with what one employer has described "SERS" plan as:

a well regarded mix of natural, physical, and social sciences so SERS graduates have  technical and people skills and the ability to solve real world messy environment and resource problems.

Another spoke to the fact that:

in SERS you can be mentored – by a professor – from day one if you take advantage of SERS' close-knit, experiential learning approach; this is great for education, understanding how the world really works, and for networking and recommendations once you near graduation. 

Don't like any of the jobs we listed above? No problem – our students land and even create their own variations or positions and there are too many to list in greater detail. Our students are self-motivated and innovative. Rather than learn factoids from ancient texts, join SERS and be schooled in reality. We prepare you for a job but we also prepare you as critical thinkers and scholars for life as befits a university education.