Giving back to the Faculty of Environment

As a student, you likely benefited from equipment, scholarships, or opportunities paid for with the help of alumni donations. Now that you've graduated, you can help us to ensure that the high quality of education continues. Alumni and friends of Environmental Studies can help in many ways.

Make a financial donation

Donations help to improve the quality of education. Donations, which are tax-deductible, can be designated to specific projects such as lab equipment, scholarships, or field trips. Please make a financial donation.

Hire a student or graduating student

Do you remember a particular summer or co-op job that opened new doors for you? Why not return that favour? You can hire students or graduates throughout the year.

Share your success with us

Let us know about your activities since graduation. We can highlight your news with fellow alumni and with prospective students, for whom career opportunities are one of the key factors they use to select universities. If you have an exciting job, let us know - we're always looking for cool job of the month profiles.

Be an advocate for University of Waterloo

Get a University of Waterloo sticker for your car. Join the Alumni E-community to get an email address and to download University of Waterloo screensavers. If you have children or know students who are starting to think about attending university, please contact us so that we can send information about University of Waterloo to them.

If you have other ideas or talents for giving back to University of Waterloo why not contact us and share your ideas. We'd love to hear from you.