January 2018

Members of the SERS community are involved in cutting edge sustainability research, important policy initiatives and outreach. Check out the 'SERS Stories' below to see some examples of how we are helping to protect, restore, reform and transform the world around us.

Ocean and coastal sustainability


On June 8, another World's Oceans Day (WOD) came and went without a lot of fanfare. Even so, WOD’s a good reminder that Canada is an ocean nation. That might seem pretty abstract at times for those of us living in southern Ontario. With three oceans (*can you name them?) and the world’s longest coast - all 244,000 beautiful kilometres of coast - we owe it to ourselves to pay more attention to 'life below water'.

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My Evening with Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall

I should begin with a disclaimer – I did not have a one on one evening with Jane Goodall. It was more like me and a few hundred of my closest friends. But the entire evening had this intimate feeling and Dr. Goodall herself had a way of connecting with each and every person in the audience.

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The Plate is Political: Food, Feminism and Transformation

United Nations Committee for World Food Security in session.

I love food. I am just as likely to get excited about Hallowe’en candy as I am about a home-cooked meal or trying a local specialty when travelling.

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Conservation in the Anthropocene

Photo courtesy of Bruce Webber

I’ve recently returned from a one-week workshop in Patagonian Argentina, and it’s been a source of reflection on what it is we do in SERS that seemed well suited to a “SERS Story”.

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Transdisciplinary research and reconciliation in Haida Gwaii

Erin Alexiuk, Geneva Cloutis and Dan McCarthy

The most rewarding and impactful research of my career has been of this kind. When I’m lucky, I have the privilege to witness moments of transformative transdisciplinarity.

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