February 2020

Members of the SERS community are involved in cutting edge sustainability research, important policy initiatives and outreach. Check out the 'SERS Stories' below to see some examples of how we are helping to protect, restore, reform and transform the world around us.

SERS Stories: ERS 340 Ecosystem Assessment Spring Field Course

For three weeks in May, students had the opportunity to get hands-on experience in many ecological field skills. Further, students worked towards receiving certifications in some professionally recognized programs.

SERS Stories: ERS 283 Ontario Natural History Spring Field Course

ERS 283 Ontario Natural History 2019 field course saw 16 students living up in Cabot Head, Ontario for an immersive nine-day field course experience.

SERS Stories: ERS 341 Prof Restoration Practice I Spring Field Course

As a three week, Monday to Friday field course, ERS 341 Professional Practice I is designed to equip students with the real-world tools and experience that will carry them into their dream jobs, graduate studies, and beyond. Introducing students to monitoring and assessment techniques for mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, amphibians, soil, freshwater mussels, and plants, students gain hands-on learning experience in collaboration with partner organizations and experts in the field.

SERS Stories: ERS 342 Prof Restoration Practice II Spring Field Course

The students enrolled in ERS 342 Professional Conservation and Restoration Practice II, a 1.0 Credit course, were provided an excellent opportunity to learn from ecological restoration professionals engaged in forest, prairie, wetland, and marsh restoration in the Long Point World Biosphere.