Graduate course syllabi and outlines

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Fall 2017 term offerings

ERS 615: Community Economic Development                              
Instructor: Stephen Quilley

ERS 619: Energy Sustainability                              
Instructor: Paul Parker

ERS 680: Sustainability Foundations
(Core for all MES students-MRP and Thesis)
Instructor: Bob Gibson

ERS 701: Sustainability in Complex Systems
(Core for PhD students)
Instructor: Andrea Collins


Past Offerings:

Spring 2017 term offerings

ERS 675: Enviro Analysis & Authorship.                                            Instructor: Simon Courtenay 

ERS 675:  Integrated Marine Planning                                               Instructor: Simon Courtenay

Winter 2017 term offerings

Water 601: Introduction to Integrated Water Resources Management                             
Instructor: Simon Courtenay

ERS 604: Global Environ Governance                               
Instructor: Thomas Homer-Dixon

ERS 670-MES Research Development  (ERS MES Core)                 
Instructor: Maren Oelbmernn 

ERS 675-001: Biosphere Reserves                                       
Instructor: Rebecca Pollock                                                

ERS 675-002: Indigenous Knowledge                                   
Instructor: Dan McCarthy

ERS 675-003: Governing the commons                                     
Instructor: Prateep Nayak

ERS 675-004: Bayesian Modelling in Ecology                            
Instructor: Brad Fedy

ERS 681: Sustainability Applications (ERS MES Core)                                              
Instructor: Derek Armitage

ERS 702: Critical Analysis and Research (ERS PhD Core)                                          
Instructor: Rob de Loe