Study internationally as part of your University of Waterloo degree

As a student in the School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability (SERS), you can study at a university in another country and earn credit towards your degree at Waterloo. International exchanges are a great way to travel and learn about other countries while earning your degree. Learn more about countries where you can study or work.

Students who wish to be considered for the exchange must be enrolled in an honours program. They will have completed the requirements for the first two years of study in their Waterloo program, maintained an overall grade average of at least 75% in their last two full-time terms of study and have no "WF" (Withdrew/Failure, no credit granted) or "FTC" (Failure To Complete incomplete course work, no credit granted (value 0)) grades on their record.

SERS students planning to travel  on exchange in their third year of study will need to fulfill remaining core requirements in their fourth/final year (Fall/Winter).

Eligible students will be registered at the University of Waterloo while overseas. They will pay their tuition fees and other compulsory incidental fees at Waterloo for the academic terms they take at host institutions. Nominal course material fees may also be required at the host university.

Students accepted under the exchange agreement have to cover their costs of travel, accommodation, compulsory medical insurance, and other living expenses.

Students will be responsible for obtaining entry visas and for assuring that they have adequate health insurance coverage during their stay overseas.

Eligible students who wish to be considered for the exchange should fill in a Faculty of Environment International Exchange Program Application form (PDF) and submit it to Faculty Administrator Carol Knipe in EV1-336 by January 15 deadline.

Nominations for the exchange favour students with high academic standing who can demonstrate the relevance of international study to their interests and/or career goals, and those who can afford to travel to and remain at the host institution for up to a full academic year.

Read more about after you are nominated for the exchange.