Fall 2019

ERS 619: Energy Sustainability
Instructor: Jatin Nathwani

ERS 654:Parks and Protected Areas: Issues and Trends
Instructor: Doug Stewart

ERS 675: ERS Topics
Instructor: Vanessa Schweizer

ERS 680:Sustainability Foundations
Instructor: Bob Gibson

ERS 684:Soil in the Environment
Instructor: Maren Oelbermann

ERS 701:Complexity and Sustainability in Social- Ecological Systems
Instructor: Graham Epstein

Winter 2019

ERS 604: Global Environ Governance
Instructor: Jennifer Clapp

ERS 622: Biosphere Reserves
Instructor: Rebecca Pollock

ERS 669: Research and Design Methods
Instructor: Brad Fedy

ERS 681: Sustainability Applications
Instructor: Derek Armitage

ERS 702: Critical Analysis and Research
Instructor: Rob De Loe