Associated faculty members

Emeritus professors

  • George R. Francis, Distinguished Professor Emeritus
    Research: Environmental governance, complex systems, and biosphere reserves
  • Paul A. Kay, Associate Professor Emeritus
    Research: water resources and climatic variability; water soft paths

  • Sally C. Lerner, Associate Professor Emeritus
    Research: Work in the new economy, society and environment, and impact assessment

  • Mary Louise McAllister, Associate Professor Emerita
    Research: Governance and healthy, resilient communities (metropolitan areas, rural and remote towns), local public policy and administration, environmental education, political silos and social-ecological systems
  • Gregory (Greg) O. Michalenko, Assistant Professor Emeritus
    Research: Environmental monitoring, environmental assessment, and First Nations communities
  • Susan K. Wismer, Associate Professor Emeritus
    Research: Development of sustainable communities in Canada and overseas, and gender and equity issues

Cross appointments

  • Amelia Clarke, Assistant Professor & Director of Master of Environment and Business (MEB) program

    School of Environment, Enterprise and Development (SEED)

  • Michael Drescher, Assistant Professor
    School of Planning

  • Neil Craik, Director of SEED
  • Bruce Frayne, Associate Professor & Director of Master of Development Practice (MDP) program
  • Brian Grimwood, Assistant Professor
    Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies
  • Thomas Homer-Dixon, Professor
    Faculty of Environment
  • Geoffrey Lewis, Assistant Professor
    School of Planning/SEED
  • Jennifer Lynes, Associate Professor & Co-Director of Environment and Business (EB) program
  • John McLevey, Assistant Professor
    Department of Knowledge Integration (KI)
  • Bruce Muirhead, Professor
    Department of History
  • Vanessa Schweizer, Assistant Professor
  • Steffanie Scott, Associate Professor
    Department of Geography and Environmental Management
  • Simron Singh, Assistant Professor
  • Larry Swatuk, Associate Professor & Director of International Development (INDEV) program
  • Olaf Weber, Associate Professor & Export Development Canada Chair in Environmental Finance
  • Frances Westley, Professor & J.W. McConnell Chair in Social Innovation University of Waterloo
  • Steve Young, Associate Professor, Co-Director of EB program