Associate Professor

Sarah Wolfe


I teach courses related to transdisciplinary, comparative global water issues, social and environmental water history and urban water and wastewater management. I also advise undergraduate thesis and graduate students on a wide-range of transdisciplinary water topics. 

I examine the social dimensions of water decisions using ideas from environmental psychology, cognitive science, sociology and geography. My research is designed to investigate how 1) individuals’ cognitive experiences influence their perceptions, definitions and prioritisation of water issues, and 2) individual-level responses aggregate as group or societal water management decisions. The Canadian and international water community — including water researchers, policy makers and water consumers — are my preferred sample populations but I often work with students interested in community-based research. Future research will focus on issues of conversion theory and identity, awe and ritual in water decisions.

For further information about my research — including in complementary research on issues of water efficiency and trades' education — please visit my website.”

University of Waterloo