Research Stories

Linking water, survivalSarah Wolfe and policy

Learn why Environment researcher Sarah Wolfe looks at how psychology and culture affect decisions about water. 

Derek ArmitagePiecing together water management

Learn how SERS prof. Derek Armitage is examining how to better protect aquatic systems under threat. In many cases these threats are directly related to man-made influence on our environment. 

Stephen MurphyDoing conservation's dirty-work

Stephen Murphy works extensively with provincial, federal, and municipal parks, as well as in communities with non-park land to restore, to return local ecosystems to as close to their natural state as possible. 

Jennifer ClappThe political economy of food

Jennifer Clapp says the way that the global food system is organized perpetuates the inequalities that have resulted in over a billion people not getting enough to eat while others have too much. 

Ian RowlandsBringing energy conservation home

Environment and resource studies professor Ian Rowlands is working on transforming the way we use and conserve energy, making it easy and convenient for homeowners to achieve their conservation and money-saving goals. 

Maren OlebermanGreening up farming

Agriculture is “a little bit of a bad boy” when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions, says Maren Oelbermann, who is researching ways to make farms capture and store more greenhouse gases than they emit. 

Brendon LarsonA new approach to invasive species

The whitebark pine tree has been decimated by a beetle and a killer fungus. Brendon Larson says it’s time to move the trees to new ground.