Shaping our Sustainable Future

For over 40 years the Faculty of Environment has been dedicated to having a positive impact locally and globally. With interdisciplinary programs and researchers we make meaningful change happen in the classroom, the office, and in communities around the world. Our vision is to use our unique position as a leading teaching and research institute for the environment to create sustainable solutions needed to address the complex challenges facing our world.

  1. Dec. 9, 2016The Faculty of Environment 2016 Holiday Message

    If you had to bring your most valued treasure,

    To a time and place set, how would you measure?

    It’s the theme for this year’s holiday greeting.

    See if you can guess… and P.S., no cheating!

  2. Nov. 25, 2016CHEC Seed Grant Competition supports collaborative research Two men and two women hold award giving 'thumbs up'

    Funding Innovation and Research

    Left to right: Dr. Paul Heidebrecht, Dr. Mark Groulx on Skype, Matt Quick, Stephanie Rozek, and Dr. Karla Boluk

  3. Nov. 24, 2016Handheld contaminant sensor wins Jack Rosen Grand PrizeGroup shot of students and judges

    Imagine having a lab to detect dangerous contaminants like Escherichia coli (E. Coli) right in the palm of your hand. That’s the idea behind QuantWave, a low-cost, portable device that integrates microfluidic technology with microwave circuitry to test food and water for potentially deadly pathogens.

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